Advice/Help needed for new lift/suspension build


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Oct 4, 2018
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Central Florida
2018 JLUR
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Ok guys after spiraling further and reviewing everything said here it sounds like I need to throw the AEV wheels out of the equation and rethink my build:

I am now leaning towards: fifteen52 - Traverse HD
Backspace: 4.75in (Much closer to the desired 4.5in | Assuming this is going to open me up to better suspension options and reduce rubbing/clearance concerns greatly vs. a 5.77 backspace)
Offset: ET0

Gearing upgrade
I plan on going to the 4.88 to account for 37in tires long term and this may likely mean Ultimate AdvanTEK D44 at same time.

Front End
I would still plan on going steer smarts or synergy for drag link / tie rod / track bar (if not included in suspension kit) + Fox ATS Stabilizer​
This now puts the following suspension in my sights as the go foward options. Sway me in one direction or another:

Suspension upgrade

Mopar 2in lift + additional parts - i.e. trackbars, adjustable control arms (if needed), RK spring perches
  • LOGIC: Seeing most of the reservoir shocks are likely overkill for needs, this is a great moderate priced kit which can be added to, to get it to very usable level and solve the complaints some people have with it. (Yes, I understand it would not have as much articulation as say a Rock Krawler setup due to shorter shocks, but it seems alot of people do really well with it.) I'm looking at this as the close to OEM/Budget build setup.
  • And I will say this here before someone else brings it up. I hear the springs can bow some and folks state it's on purpose or it's not on purpose, I see it both ways, and worse case I'm sure I can swap them for another spring as I have seen some folks do on this forum.
Accutune - Stage 4 2.5lift with 2.5 Fox Remote Reservoir DSC shocks.
  • LOGIC: This would be the high end fully adjustable end of the spectrum that should allow everything to be dialed in but may be overkill and just a waste of money.
  • Question: If I go this route would it require a lot more maintenance vs. the Mopar? it looks like the CAs require greasing vs. some of the others on the market not requiring greasing?
If you do the Mopar lift you’ll be depriving yourself of about 3 inches of shock travel. They only extend 26.5 inches, rk and mc are around 30. If that doesn’t make any difference, that’s cool, but if your spending the money, why not have it as good as you can make it.......just saying.....:) I don’t care about the maintenance, as I’m under it tinkering all the time anyway, besides, we’re talking 2 or 3 times a year at most, especially here in Florida.