AAL ARB Mount & Remote Kit Install - not a walk in the park but DONE!


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Nov 19, 2020
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San Jose, CA
2020 JLU
The Installation of the AAL’s ARB Dual Comp. Mount bracket and Remote Kit is a major undertaking. The longest, most tedious effort was spent on reconfiguring all of the electrical harnesses, figuring out the wiring schematic for current and future components and then the installation.


I brought two harnesses from the engine compartment.
  • Main Battery to ARB Compressor
  • Main Battery to Redarc DCDC Charger
Reason for the 2 is that I want to operate the compressor with engine on and not load the auxiliary battery. The auxiliary battery is charged via the Redarc and is powering my fridge, auxiliary port and accessory panel.

Starting point:

Electrical Harnesses:

Watch this video about 5 times.
I modified the harnesses per the above video and then fab’d the second harness. I ran them in the same path as the video from the engine compartment but then entered the tub thru a cable Gland (one shown) for each harness (2 Glands total – one shown)

Make the Harnesses from the engine compartment to the rear long, then add some more. There are several videos on creating these harnesses and the desired length. The lengths will vary depending on your routing. Mine were a bit over 190 inches.

For the ignition signal for both the Air Compressor and Redarc, I used the rear 12V Acc. plug. I swapped the fuse location so it is now ignition, not battery. There is also a chassis ground stud to the left of the Accs. Plug and makes a great place for your chassis ground.

Installation of all the harnesses and hoses was thru the plug hole used to access the rear brake light. I only removed the additional plastic that is present in that hole so if I need to in the future, I can place the plug back in and cover the hole.

Tips: Wire everything to the Remote plate first. Also attach any aux. harnesses for future electrical needs to the fuse box at this time. There is no room to access the attachments and you should only pull the plastic cover once. Multiple removals of that trim panel may damage the panel and/or hoses-harnesses and connections.
Hint: If installing the ARB Remote 12V Acc. plug, make sure to drill the hole for the wire harness under the connectors and then elongate the hole if necessary. Too far back and the harness will interfere with the hardtop when the bracket is installed.
fridge plug.jpg

Route the lines thru the access hole in the panel and place the panel back in place. It’s a struggle but will eventually click back into place. Once the panel is in place, tighten the 2 screws that secure the mount.
Remote Mount.jpg

The rest is just cleaning up the wiring, hooking up the battery and checking the circuits. Tomorrow I install an ARB Sliding drawer.

Final Notes: Added an Inverter but didn’t want to hard mount it, so used Anderson Plugs so I can just plug it in when needed. Connection is stored in the left cubby so it’s handy. (Inverter testing)

Inverter Check - 1B.jpg

Using the ARB Drawer (RDRF790 and Side Floor Instl Kit) is simple. Took a few minutes to bolt on supports and they bolt into existing tie down locations. To save time and pain, I measured the centerline to centerline of the hole pattern in the Jeep and then measured centerline to centerline of slots so I could tighten the assembly on the bench instead of in the vehicle.
Storage Drawer Mounts-2.jpg

Only problem was making it easy for me to carry it over and install. So I used the hold downs from the JLU cargo area and attached one to an available hole on each side of the drawer and then ran a tie down strap thru them – worked perfectly. Just used two hands, picked it up by the strap and carried and installed.
Carry Strap Detail-3.jpg

Strap ready to go
Carry Strap-4.png

Hint: I removed material from the support bracket so there would be plently of clearance for the hoses and harnesses.
Remove Material.jpg

Drawer installed in Jeep
Drawer In Jeep-Strap-5.jpg

From there it was easy to tighten the 6 floor attachment bolts and then the side supports for the side floor (RH & LH).
AND WE ARE DONE! Auxiliary Plugs and Voltage readout on the rear left for ease of use.
In Vehicle - 6.jpg

And the Fridge Installed: Since this drawer comes with a Rolling Floor it makes it easy as a Fridge Slide. Yes, the fridge is high but it’s something I can live with.
Final Config-7.jpg
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Jun 20, 2021
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Nice write up, mine took an evening of planning and prepping the panel and arb plate and most of the following day wiring (of course it had to rain that day).

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