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Feb 8, 2018
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2021 JLUR Eco-Diesel now. 18, 19, 20 JLUR 3.6 old.
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I just ordered a 4xe Rubicon, please see my price comparison between the standard Rubicon and 4xe.

Summary: with the federal and state (Colorado) tax credits I am saving around $6,648* with the 4xe. For states without additional tax credits the savings will be around $4148.

*corrected to adjust for Fulltime 4WD and JLUR Price changes from Jan 2021 Order guide

  1. Some options have a higher price for 4xe compared to standard JLUR
  2. I have used the latest order guide for JLUR pricing and the build sheet from my dealer for 4xe pricing
  3. Colorado has an additional $2,500 state tax credit for PHEVs, only few states offer this now
Please see full analysis below: file link can be used for adding your options and doing the analysis.

I am looking at the 4XE vs the Eco-Diesel (also got quote for 2.0 and 3.6) and can confirm your numbers. the 4XE and the Eco-Diesel with the same build are almost identical, however there is the $7500 tax rebate that puts it ahead.

the 2.0 is roughly $4500 less up front, the 3.6 bsg is about $2750 less up front. however the $7500 rebate still ends up making the 4XE less overall by $3k and $4250 once you get the credit back.

I was already cross shopping the 4XE and Eco-Diesel, was leaning 3.0 since I was not sure I could get the same upfront discount on the 4XE but confirmed today I can. Now I'm hoping to find a 4XE and Eco-Diesel on the same lot to drive them back to back so I can order. If I can't find one, I hope there will be more reviews of it out by the 15th that compares the two.