4wd High, no throttle response and wouldn't shift into 2nd gear, 2021 3.6 MANUAL Trans


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Sep 6, 2020
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21 JL Rubicon, 03 Honda XR650L
Did Broken Arrow and then Schnebly Hill today, at the top (essentially a fire road, loose dirt with small rocks) transitioned to 4wd high range from low range and continued to drive roughly 20-35mph shifting and slowing for rocks and then picking speed back up. The engine stopped responding to pedal input and refused to shift into 2nd gear, It also seemed to hold/show speed at about 30mph for several seconds while I was trying to figure out what was going on. The shift lever felt like it was pushing back from going fully into gear(2nd) but did go back into 1st after braking to a reasonable speed for 1st gear. I did NOT notice an engine maint. light, and this lasted maybe 20 seconds while I was fighting with the shifter and also bc of the low tire pressure warning from being aired down so I didn't notice if it did light but I came to full stop and then the gas pedal starting working again so I shifted into 2w High shut off traction control and we drove maybe 3 miles to the trail head and aired up when my Uconnect mobile app notified me that there was an "engine light for engine/transmission" that needed attention (yellow warning not the red immediate warning). We drove back home on interstate without further issue and never saw the engine light come on myself.

Now the app doesn't show any trace of having the engine light or display the engine/transmission notice it just shows all systems passed with green... Anyone else have this issue before? I did have the latest firmware update/recall completed.

I was not working the clutch hard at all I believe I was in 3rd gear and slowed down to go around some small rocks and then went to shift into 2nd since speed was above 1st gear range but the trans was either stuck in 3rd gear or stuck in neutral and just maintaining speed. I floored it several times with no response from the engine trying to figure out what was going on. Luckily the brakes worked fine and the jeep returned to normal operation after I stopped and put it into 2wd. I'm scheduling a dealer visit asap but wonder if anyone else with a manual transmission had a similar situation.