4 door compatibility with soft top and rain gear cover


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Oct 1, 2019
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2020 sport s unlimited;2020 Rubicon Unlimited
I have the slip stream on my JLU. Due to the way the soft top folds back, it does not allow the soft top to rest as low as factory designed.

This causes the following problems.
1. Will not lock in the open position. This is not a real issue for every day use, as the cover for the soft top diabolical sells works very good.

2. Since soft top will not lock, you must remove both side panels when installing or removing the soft top. Not a bug deal, but if you try to cheat you will damage the soft top. Again, the slip stream doesn't allow it to rest as low as designed. It takes 30 min twice a year to remove and install the panels. Less if you choose to not reinstall with the hard top.

3. The slip stream makes removing the soft top back window frame bar very hard. Practice makes it manageable.

4. The rain gear cover does not fit tight, again due to the raised height if soft top. This is a new discovery for me, so I do not know how weather will affect it. It would be nice to have a little less exacting of a fit in the raingear cover.

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