2dr Models Still Inaccessible at Auto Show

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Mar 25, 2018
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Danbury CT
Forester (Subaru)
Forgot to mention this last week; I visited the New York International Auto Show and was dismayed to discover that the 2dr models on display were "behind barriers" so to speak - one was the white "mopar kitted" model that's been shown many times (that was at least on "ground level") and then they had a firecracker red rubicon up on "rocks". Neither were available to sit in or open the doors, even after prompting the Jeep staff. One of the main reasons I was excited to visit was to examine the space in the rear of the 2dr and investigate whether a rear-seat-delete would give the room I need for some special equipment.

I'm very surprised that a "2018" model year vehicle, for which the 4dr has been in dealerships since before the year began, was still locked away from view at the NYIAS. Actually, considering it was a launch year for the new generation, I thought the number of vehicles, staff, and general marketing effort was pretty small. Do they just not need to show off the 2drs or the JL in general? It has been almost five months since the "launch"...

As an aside, I was also surprised that there's no new 4Runner on the horizon, and that the current 4runner felt smaller in the front seats than the JLU (could be because the tops were removed on the JLUs).

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