2 Door versus 4 Door in High Winds.


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Jul 26, 2019
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Just did a quick test drive in his two door. Was too tired in the morning to judge it. Some differences I noticed esp with his engine (a 2019 Turbo 4 with eTorque) versus mine (a 2020 Pentastar without eTorque).

1. The ESS operation is a lot smoother in his Jeep versus mine. I always turn off the ESS in mine. Dont really care if the ESS is off or on due to the eTorque in his Jeep.

2. The transmission isnt as smooth when mated with his Turbo 4 versus my Pentastar. It jerks around a little. Its not much but I can still feel that slight jerk. Its as if the Transmission manufacturer designed it with the Pentastar in mind rather than a Turbo 4. Its not a negative in my mind but not a positive either. It is definitely something I can live with if I had the Turbo 4.

3. That Turbo overall gives a nice boost and makes for a more fun and peppier drive. Maybe the lighter weight of his 2 door also makes it more fun.

All in all, I like his Turbo 4. If I were to get me a second Jeep my engine choice could be driven by whether I want a 2 door or a 4 door. If 2 door then the Turbo 4 will be my preference as I liked that boost. Felt like I am a 20 something year old (I am 34 and a married father of a 3 year old girl). But if my next rig is a 4 door then I would still prefer the Pentastar. The overall refinement is something I would prefer when driving something heavier.

Let me know what you guys think of this assessment of mine.
We have a 2.0T and 3.6, both unlimited, both eTorque, and both automatics. The jerkiness you describe in the 2.0T, if I may speculate, may be due to the increased torque in The 2.0T. I drive both vehicles conservatively, unless there’s a need not to. I notice no difference in gear shifting under those conditions. When I get on the skinny pedal in both, because the 2.0T has more torque in the power band I am operating in, the 2.0T accelerates quicker and more aggressively than the 3.6 with the same throttle input. With that said, I am in love with both engines!

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