2 door or 4


Jan 3, 2018
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Solisbury Hill
BMW x5
Well here it goes- I’ve read about the Sahara , had my spec ready. Took it for the test drive today. It was a short ride, lacked LED pack, heated seats And the upgrades. But I walked away not as impressed as I wanted to feel. Classic over researching and YouTube watching? 8 speed was smooth but I was disconnected.

I then drove a 2018 JK Sahara stick and liked it.

Do I wait for a Sahara 6 speed to give it a fair shake- or just wait for the two door JL sport and somehow find a way to add Led everything

Truck looked awesome- but it was louder than the 2 door, both hardtop. I just don’t get it. Do I just need to go back again and drive another- different dealer? Salesperson was nice- but is this a truck I need to take out myself?

Also- coming from a bmw I am used to a quieter interior. Perhaps this was a downfall too?

Any advice appreciated. Thinking the 6 speed will be a great drive like the old JK. Could it be the extra 200 lbs made it less fun to drive?

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