'18 Rubi, picked up Thursday, perfect day! MY THOUGHTS


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Apr 7, 2018
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Lexington, ky
2018 Rubicon
So this is a fluffy "I'm happy" kinda post but also a couple first takes from my short couple drives with it.

Ride:. Rides very good although a tad bit of bumpsteer when you are at highway speeds is a bit unnerving.

Noise:. Hard top isn't nearly as quiet as my 2014 JK but I might be mis remembering and it's been QUITE windy

Freedom Top: .Seems much lighter to remove and with a painted hard top that is nice. The new case you get is a little more straight forward to put the top into, but could still be easier with simply molding a "1" and "2" on the panel or "d" "p" and have alignment point in the case (maybe jeep will send me a soft top to make suggestions on for free (grin) too

Alpine Radio:. Well.dont rely on Sirius to evaluate the system, I was like wow this sucks till I queued up some good tracks vias USB . Well worth the money spent for all the extra adders tou get. Although I have not found a way to disable the Android auto when plugging phone in via USB, which in sure is in there just need to hunt for it. Bluetooth audio via phone is FAR lower than any other source.
I would also love an option to revert back after 10 seconds to your favorite screen.

LED lamps:. I was Actually apprehensive about getting the LED but it was already on the Jeep I bought that was in transit. After driving with it I wouldn't have it any other way , amazing the how.much light these things put out.

Remote start: .well like my last '14 no feedback on the remote for start. My '17 f150 has it and I've had a ton of aftermarket systems that I have personally installed that can be done doe $200. $495 just seems like it could be done better. I do have the Sirius setup that allows app.remote start but that is only free for a year.

Several other things but overall super happy!