➡️ Durable + Bright Combo: LED Rock Lights & Wheel Rings


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Oct 7, 2019
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Metairie, LA
2019 Jeep Wrangler JL
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(photo by @bigdripjl)

One of the best combinations for an eyecatching look is LED rock lights with LED wheel rings. This is the perfect look for those who want a full light in the underbody that accents the wheels, rims, lift, and more. ORACLE Lighting offers the best quality lighting solutions for on the streets or going off-road in your Jeep.

Our super durable and intensely bright LED rock lights are available in white-only for a simple, intense look with functionality or in ColorSHIFT for RGB color-changing technology. The white-only option features over 2,400 Lumens of output which is brighter than most headlights, and the ColorSHIFT offers almost endless pre-programmed colors and patterns with your choice of Bluetooth smartphone control or Bluetooth+RF control. Drive with confidence using these rock lights with sturdy housings that withstand any terrain you put them through. Our rock lights easily install, or you can add magnet adapters for super-easy applications. These light the tops of wheels and the ground under the vehicle.

Illuminated wheel rings pair perfectly with the rock lights for a great look. Available in single-color like white, ColorSHIFT, or Dynamic ColorSHIFT, the possibilities are endless with this product. This product consists of a set of durable aluminum rings that are outfitted with bright LEDs of your color choice, and these install around the brake rotor and attaches to the brake dust shield. The effect is a large ring of light which perfectly accents the wheels and provides more spread in addition to the rock lights. Oversized 16.5” diameter is the largest on the market and fits oversized brakes. These light the interior of the wheels not reached by rock lights in addition to the ground.

Run these two products together for ultra-lighting or simply choose which one to display at one time. Either way, you'll get a unique look that lasts on any ride or climb -- through concrete, rocks, mud, water, and more. Looking for another lighting solution? Visit OracleLights.com/Jeep to shop for exactly what you need and use code FORUM10 at checkout for 10% off sitewide (plus, get free USA shipping for orders over $100).


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