1. Anyone fit 35” Wrangler Territory M/T

    Hey all, I’m looking into getting a set of 35” tires for my stock JLUR. I’m looking at a set of 315/70/17 Wrangler Territory M/T, I’m pretty sure this is the same tire that the bronco runs and I love how the tread looks on them. Has anyone fit these on their Jeep? Will the rub off-road? I only...
  2. Just don't buy the 4xe! Please don't!

    Hey Folks, Let me share my story here as well to serve as a good lesson learned for anyone looking into the 4xe. Just simply don't buy it. Not because it's awfully bad. But because this is a test Jeep with 0 support from Chrysler/Jeep After waiting for my 4xe almost 3 months, I was able to...
  3. Colorado Sold: Set of 5 Rubicon Wheels / Tires / TPMS

    Set of five Rubicon wheels, tires, TPMS, mounted and balanced. Tires are OEM sizes @ 285/70/17. Two tires are at ~5/32", two are at ~7/32"and one is at ~12/32". Please see pictures for additional details. $700 - Thanks for looking!


  5. Wheel/Tire Combination on the JLU Sport S?

    We are looking to upgrade the wheels/tires on our JLU Sport S. Currently, we're using the stock combination (with the Goodyear A/Ts), but we're looking to go to Mud Terrains and 33's. Browsing this forum, it looks like Discount Tire Direct is among the best options for decently priced wheels and...