wind noise

  1. Wind Noise/seal identification.

    I have a similar issue that had been reported with some other JL's where a wind noise is coming from in my case the bottom of the windshield. I I taped everything off and narrowed it down to the bottom of the window that can be laid down. Iv already had a failed "attempt" by my local dealer to...
  2. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    Just bought my first JEEP!! I live in FL and it’s hot AF. Do the headliners work? If so, what are the best ones? Do you need the window panels as well? Thanks!! ⚡️
  3. Help please: Soft top not aligned over windshield

    Passenger side lines up perfect, drivers side there is a gap. Lowered the windshield and tightened back up, didn’t help. I stuck a piece of foam in it to get rid of the wind leak but was wondering if I could adjust the front of the soft top to fit it flush. I really don’t want to go to the...
  4. Sunshade noise

    I had a rugged ridge full one piece sunshade on JKU. Little noise (kids still complained) . Got a 2 piece Alien Sunshade for JLU. Got back one on and holy wind noise Batman! It’s been described as “tinfoil” and I have to agree. Anyone else experience this? Suggestions?
  5. PLEASE FILL OUT - Wind Noise Survey

    I'm trying to collect some data on the wind noise many of us are experiencing. PLEASE fill out the VERY short survey located here: Please fill this out even if you don't have excessive wind noise! Hopefully we can start spotting some trends to help us...