wheels & tires

  1. Bought Optional Polished Lip Wheels For My JKU

    Anyone around the Pacific NW selling their upgraded (polished lip) wheels and tires?
  2. Selling factor Rubicon wheels and tires

    Has anyone sold their factory wheels and tires? I was just wondering what they might be worth. I've got 800 miles on them and looking to sell all 5.
  3. 18 vs 17 inch Wheels with 35" Tires?

    Any reason not to go with 18" wheels for 35" tires? This doesn't seem that common from what I have seen. My thought is it gives the wheels/tires a similar look to 17" wheels with 33" tires, which is what I currently have on my Rubicon. Looks like the wheels and tires are slightly more expensive...
  4. XD Monster II with Nitto's on a JLU Sahara - Wheel Size Question

    So I have decided on the XD822 Monster II's but I have a question. I really wanted to go with an 18" wheel, which is what is coming stock on my Sahara now, but it appears that everything I am seeing between the forums and dealers keeps suggesting to go 17x9 vs 18x9. Is that accurate, and if...