1. Help. 19’ JLR was totaled, back in the market.

    Hey guys, first post here. I’ll try to keep it short. I was at a complete stop on the freeway and got smashed by two cars from behind. 5 month old rubicon. :( Insurance hasn’t officially totaled it yet but repairs are at 30k and the frame is bent with laundry list of repairs. The guy listed...
  2. TSB 23-007-19 REV. B - 2019 Sport Bar Weld B-Pillar Off-Location / Inspect & Repair Weld

    2019 Sport Bar Weld B-Pillar Off-Location / Inspect & Repair Weld
  3. Steering Issue at 1300 Miles - Failed Track Bar Mount

    Prior to this evening, I have had 1300 trouble free miles out of my JLUR. However, when I was merging on to the highway, the engine bogged, the Service Elctronic Stability Control light came on, my steering wheel suddenly had to be at a 45 degree angle from center to drive straight and the ABS...
  4. Frame welds rusting

    I was crawling around under the Jeep today and spraying ares where rust had started to form with some rust converter. The basic areas... the bottom of the pumpkins, a spot here or there, where the driveshaft bolts to the attachment plate. Places that you would normally see rust. Then I noticed...