steering gear box

  1. How can something so basic be FUBAR - Steering - Time to make a stand

    2018 JL Wrangler Unlimited Sport History: locking steering wheel, death wobble, drifting, and the worst - turn the steering full left or full right and almost nothing happens - maybe 7 to 10 degrees change in direction of travel, in other words, I cannot even turn a corner. All intermittent -...
  2. New JL Steering Gear Box - 68250506AE

    The AE version of the new JL steering gear box is now out - 68250506AE / 4 door. Previous versions where 68250506AC and 68250506AD. Confirmed with a Jeep dealer's parts department today. The 2 door steering box, which is different than the 4 door steering box, hasn't changed since last year.