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  1. North Carolina Sold: Rubicon OEM steel bumpers

    Looking to sell my front and rear steel bumpers off my 2021 rubicon. Perfect condition, 3 months old. Hit me up if interested, we can make a deal. Located in North Carolina.
  2. Texas Sold: Sold

  3. JL Front OEM Steel Bumper

    I am selling my JL Front Steel Bumper, asking price is $600, The Jeep had around 5000 miles on it when the bumper was removed. I am located in Katy, TX (Just outside Houston). It has the skid plates and fog lights!
  4. Texas Sold: OEM Steel Frt bumper w/ LED fog lights and skidplate

    Complete full front bumper with led’s and wiring, skid plate and trim off of 18 jlru. Asking $500 OBO. Pickup preferred, will ship at buyers expense plus packaging. Located in 75503
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  6. 2018 JLUR Black Build Denver

    2018 JLUR Black Build Denver

  7. Colorado Sold: Mopar Steel Bumpers for Sale!

    I found the bumpers I must have. Before I can get them, though I need to sell my steel bumpers. No scratches except for the extended holes on the skid that were done to allow the Warn winch mount to be put on. The bumpers I want are not yet released so I will need your plastic bumpers in trade...
  8. Distance between steel bumper holes

    Could somebody supply me with the exact measurements of the spacing of the top holes in the factory steel bumper? I'm looking to put a smaller light bar in the middle with the pre existing holes. Any help is much appreciated
  9. Package / Group Content Breakdown for 2018 JL Wrangler

    Here is a look at the content included in some packages/groups available for the 2018 JL Wrangler. The two vehicles described below are early Rubicon and Sport builds just to highlight the package contents (which should not change much, if at all). Obviously many of these packages are also...