1. Rebel Off Road's new store in Fort Worth, Texas Is Now Open!

    The wait is finally over. We're incredibly excited to announce the soft opening of our new shop in Fort Worth, Texas! It has been a long undertaking but Jacob and Brandon have built something to be proud of. With two full size service bays for HD trucks and Jeeps as well as a smaller bays, we...
  2. Axle seal leaking again, possible causes?

    So I had an axle seal leak (front passenger) back in April, and took the Jeep in to the dealership and they changed out a new seal. Only a month goes by and I found the same seal began leaking again. I know this is some crazy bad luck, but does anyone know if there are possible reasons behind...
  3. Tampa Shop Recommendation

    Looking for recommendations for a shop in Tampa Bay area for lift install and regear. In the New Tampa area but would travel a little for a quality shop.
  4. Looking for Paint- and/or Wrap Shops [LA]

    Playing with the idea of eventually wrapping or painting my Silver Billet JL some time down the road, and was wondering if anyone has local recommendations for either service. (plus if you have a general idea of pricing as well!)