roof top tent

  1. Antidote Outdoors Clam Shell Roof Top Tent RTT Hard Shell Roof Tent

    Hey JEEPHEADS! Antidote Outdoors here again! We have a sweet deal on our Clam Shell Roof Top Tent. Mounts via U-Bolts to your crossbars! Link is below as well as a coupon code for $800 OFF For a limited time For Half...
  2. Antidote Outdoors Wrangler Roof Platform Rack JK JL Gladiator

    Hello Fellow JEEPHEADS! We have a sweet deal on Wrangler Platform Racks. NO DRILLING REQUIRED! Mounts directly to the drip rails! Designed for roof top tents! Link is below as well as a coupon code for $99 OFF Ralf Racks and $200 OFF Full Racks...
  3. Georgia [For Sale] [RTT] Brand new iKamper Skycamp 2.0 Rocky Black Roof Top Tent

    Hi I have brand new, unused iKamper skycamp 2.0 Rocky Black, just opened to install on my 4xe JLUR this week and quickly realized my garage opening is too short to have this on my Rhino rack pioneer platform and drive in/out. I have all the original boxes/packaging materials along with 2.0...
  4. Jeep JLU Camping Bed $150

    Was used only twice. Turns your back seat into a bed for some comfy camping. In great condition. No stains, tears, problems, or damage. Originally paid $300. Asking $150.
  5. DIY Roof Rack for JLU 4xe with SkyOneTouch Roof

    Since I needed a roof rack for my RTT and, so far, no one has a solution that fits the 4xe with the SkyOneTouch roof I decided to start my own build. I know the gutters could take some load but i wouldn't take a chance and decided to add some removable support to the rack in the back. I can...
  6. Iowa Roam Vagabond RTT w/Annex never used, Midwest

    Roam Vagabond RTT with Annex and Roam waterproof sheet. Installed a month ago and our plans have changed - never got a chance to actually use the tent. Been sitting on the Jeep in the garage. Includes all original hardware and accessories as well as brackets to secure flush to a rhino platform...
  7. California Roam Vagabond RTT XL and Annex - $2,000

    Hello All! Weather is starting to get warm, time for some camping! I am selling my uncle's Roam Adventure Vagabond XL Rooftop Tent in Forest Green color, along with the annex. It was bought early last year and in great condition, no issues. Local pickup only. Located in East Bay Area...
  8. California Sold: Roam Vagabond RTT, Annex, and Awning - $1,600

    Hello All! Weather is starting to get warm, time for some camping! I am selling my Roam Adventure Vagabond Rooftop Tent in Cosmic Blue color, along with the annex. This color is very rare as it was sold in very limited numbers. It was bought early last year and in great condition, no issues...
  9. James Baroud Evasion XXL Hard Shell

    Curios if anyone has the James Baroud Evasion XXL on their JLUR and could share pictures. TIA
  10. Smittybilt RTT install on KC HiLites M-Rack!

    I’ve recently installed a smittybilt over lander roof top tent on a KC HiLites M-Rack, on my wife’s Jeep JLUR! Looks killer and works fantastic! Check out the install!
  11. Rhino-Rack Backbone & Pioneer Platform DESIGN FLAW

    Good day fellow Jeep enthusiasts. Ever since I purchased my JLUR I had been patiently waiting since 2018 for the Rhino-Rack Backbone system to be released as I wanted to get away from the creaky exoskeleton roof rack set-up I had on my LJ. I purchased the backbone system as soon as it was...
  12. Roof Top Tent Arrives For My 2 Door!

    After nearly a three month wait. Love it! The "Explorer" model that has the storage "inset" area on the roof for extra cargo. I plan on installing a hoist in my garage for easy on and off installation. Special thank to the guys at Rhino Adventure Gear (Fremont, CA) who installed it for me.
  13. Steel pole/ hoist solution for roof top tent (PICS)

    I came across this idea online in another forum. This is an easy way to install and remove the roof top tent on the jeep by myself. I'm awaiting delivery of a Joseph Baroud Explorer hard shell tent in a few weeks which weighs 145 lbs. - galvanized steel "sleeve" tube 32" long, 1.75" in...
  14. Roof Top Tent Quick Walk Around

    I I installed the Roost USA Roof Top Tent on my JL to get ready for a lot of travel this year! It seems to fit the JL well and pairs nicely with the @Maximus-3 roof rack. If anyone has any questions, let me know. Thanks in advance for checking it out!