roof basket

  1. Antidote Outdoors Wrangler Roof Platform Rack JK JL Gladiator

    Hello Fellow JEEPHEADS! We have a sweet deal on Wrangler Platform Racks. NO DRILLING REQUIRED! Mounts directly to the drip rails! Designed for roof top tents! Link is below as well as a coupon code for $99 OFF Ralf Racks and $200 OFF Full Racks...
  2. California WTB: Mopar OEM Roof Rack Cross Bars

    I'm in search of Mopar roof rack cross bars (see pic below) for our 2021 jlu. Any leads would be appreciated.
  3. New Jersey Sold: Gobi Rack. JLUR 18-21

    selling my Gobi rack. 9 months old. Perfect condition. Can’t fit in my new garage. Avoid the 6 month wait. Get it today. Comes with both ladders. Retails at $2350 with a 6 month wait. I’ll let mine go for $2000. Pickup only, NJ JEEP JL 4DOOR STEALTH RACK · Multi-Light/ 50″ LED Setup SKU...
  4. Illinois Barricade Removable Hard Top Roof Basket/rack

    Barricade Removable Hard Top Roof Basket/rack for a Jeep Wrangler. Will fit both JL and JK wranglers 2 door and 4 door models. I have the rear brackets for both models. asking $350 local pickup only in Aurora, IL.