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  1. 18” Steelies with 295/70R18 STT Pro

    Like most here. I researched and looked through a bunch of threads and pictures before picking out what I think is perfect for my Jeep wants and needs. Basically 35” Cooper STT pros on a 18” steel wheel. 2” adapter/spacers accommodate the combo. 2” EnduroSport lift is waiting to be installed...
  2. Recommendations for no-lift suspension upgrades to hand heavy loads better.

    Hello everyone, New to the Jeep world, but bought a 2020 Wrangler Rubicon (JL, 4dr, 4cy). I need recommendations on suspension upgrades that doesn’t add any lift to the stock Rubicon, but that is designed to help with the additional load of my roof top tent (160lbs), cargo, and hitch mounted...
  3. No Lift Build / Daily Commuter - Best Tires?

    What direction would you point me in for looking at tire size and type if I did not want to lift my Jeep? I really like the stance and height of the stock JL and my Jeep is my daily driver (70 mile round trip interstate commute) that I hope to take on some mild Midwest offroading 3-5 times a...
  4. NJ Sting-Gray Altitude

    NJ Sting-Gray Altitude

  5. Let's see those 2-Door JL pics!

    Have a 2018 JL Crystal Granite Sahara, which we love, but thinking of adding a 2 dr to our garage......can't decide on color or top choices.... 1st pic is a White Rubi with Black Soft Top...but then I think Sting Grey, oh, and then Silver, then Ocean Blue, then Punkin...see, I just can't...
  6. 37" Ko2's with no lift?

    Anyone know if you can fit a 37" Ko2 without a lift on a Rubicon considering its small for a 37" tire. Only actually measures to 35.5". Curious if this is possible on factory rims due to factory backspacing. Off roading would be extremally rare for me. Any input is appreciated. Thanks
  7. RUBICON 35s No Lift - Fuel Beast

    Just got new shoes!