1. New York 2021 OEM Autodimming Rearview Mirror - $65 ($55 local)

    Want autodimming rearview? This is the first step! Works perfectly. From my 2021 Willys. Vehicle-connecte Harness not included - can be bought on mopar site below $65 buck with USPS shipping included. $55 for local pickup in downtown NYC.
  2. Pennsylvania Storage Bags for Doors and Soft Top Window Storage

    2004 Jeep Wrangler Storage Bag for 2 Door Wrangler and Window Storage. Condition is Used. There are three storage bags, they have no identifying information but this is what I do know: They were used for my 2004, 2 door Jeep Wrangler. Three are three bags: One bags houses the two soft top...
  3. New York WTB - Lange Coyote Round Mirrors for JL

    WTB - Lange Coyote Round Mirrors for JL. Shipping would be to 14150, Tonawanda, NY. Let me know what you have!
  4. Tazer installed and Mirror Turn Signals are always on

    Hello everybody, This is my first post in this forum. I am experiencing an issue with my mirror turn signals are always being on once I switch the car on, they aren't flashing (solid light). I don't know if I have played with the Tazer and switched them on or there is a problem with the...
  5. Rearview mirror spring fix?

    Developed a pretty significant rattle in dash of our 2018 Sahara. Today I discovered the source of the rattle. The spring at the back of the rearview mirror has come out and was hanging part way down and causing the rattle. See attached pic. We have tried a few times to get it back in where...
  6. American Jeeper’s Mountain Goat - JLUR (now with first stage build video)

    Hi everyone, This is my new Bright White JLUR, now named “Mountain Goat” or just Goat with help from the kids after the Jeep’s first trek to Colorado. I have a lot of the same somewhat limited aftermarket parts on the Jeep that many of you do, but have done a little customization and found out...