1. Rusty's 3.75" Advanced Kit w/ Steering Upgrade

    I recently put D44 Rubicon axles under my JLUS and upgraded to 37" Patagonia's. A buddy had a RC 2.5" spacer lift laying around so I threw it on when I did the axles just to get me by for a while. What a mistake!! My Jeep drove like crap!! Sloppy steering wheel, death wobble, wandering all over...
  2. Bliss Rig

    Bliss Rig

  3. Atlas JLUR... Jeep #5

    Well, it has begun... we pulled the trigger on Jeep #5 (#6 1 week later but that's another story... ). 2019 Black JLU Rubicon. The addiction started in October 2017 and has only grown. That was the year that we attended Jeepin for Judd (Florida) and Jeep Beach (Florida). Our first events and we...
  4. Gray Hare - 2019 JLUR V6 auto

    Gray Hare - 2019 JLUR V6 auto

  5. Punk'n Zoey - JLUR 2.0L

    JLWF Garage Link Ordered 13-Sept-2018 Delivered 18-Jan-2019 Day 0 Current MODEL YEAR: 2019 MAKE: Jeep MODEL/TRIM: Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon COLOR: Punk'n ENGINE: 2.0L TRANSMISSION: 8-Spd Auto MODS - WHEELS / TIRES / BRAKES: Trail Master TM9 17x9 Pro Comp 89 Series Kore 17x8 Milestar...