leather seats

  1. Katzkin Leather Seats Review by TrailRecon

    Has anyone watched this new vid from Brad at TrailRecon on Katzkin leather seats? Pretty cool behind the scenes look. Great to see some American manufacturing and the finished product looks really nice. Didn't realize they can also add heated / cooling seats! https://katzkin.com/ If you...
  2. Bartact or Katzkin?

    Would like to seek some input from the brain trust on here on how to handle my 2020 JLUR with leather seats (no heated option and I did not intentionally look for leather seats, just came with the Jeep I got a good deal on). Few points to consider when voting. Reside in N.C. where the spring is...
  3. Looking for SAHARA Black Leather Seats

    I am looking to trade my SAHARA black cloth seats for leather SAHARA seats and I am willing to also pay extra $$$
  4. Leather seats store

    Which store does good leather seats for JLU with the best price and good quality in RI/MA
  5. California 2 Brand New Seat Heater Elements for sale

    Bought these for my ‘18 Wrangler JL Sport but ended up with 2 extra. Two brand new, unopened carbon fiber seat heater systems with two settings (lo & hi), built in thermostat for overheating protection, and relay control for durability. 3 year/36k mile transferable manufacturer’s warranty...
  6. Which is the best shop to lift new JLU in RI/MA

    I am buying JLU 2019 in next 3 weeks, which is the best shop who does good lifts and tires. I am looking for 3-inch lift and 35s for the tires. I need to put on the leather seats as well, any good stores who do a good job with a decent price. Thanks Ram
  7. Leather or Not??????

    Leather or NOT???? Why???? Thanks!
  8. Interior Leather Trim when ordering JLU Sahara with Cloth (Intent to do Katzkin custom)

    New to this forum as I am in the process of building out a 19 JLU Sahara and can't seem to get an answer from any dealer I have worked with. I have seen a couple threads discussing this when ordering the Mopar leather options from Factory but none that I can find when it is a cloth order and...
  9. JL leather seat covers - sand

    Had these on my four door rubicon for only a week, so practically new. (Had black installed.) $400 obo In the SF Bay Area but can ship if you cover.
  10. Cleaning Leather Seats

    What is everyone using to clean the (black) leather seats? I bought meguiars rich leather cleaner wipes for spot cleaning (kids and birds ;)), but they left the areas I used them very shinny/greasy looking. I guess I could just do all the other areas, but I am concerned about using them long...