jl winch plate

  1. Texas Rusty’s Winch Plate NIB $200

    New in box RUSTY’s winch plate for JL or JT. Never used.
  2. Mopar Winch Plate

    I ordered the Mopar Winch Plate for my 2021 JLUR with factory steel bumper. In addition to the winch plate and hardware, it came with an extra package in the box which contains some clear (I assume paint protecting film) and a long piece of foam with adhesive on the back. Does anyone know what...
  3. Maximus-3 JL Winch Plate & Accessories

    MAXIMUS-3 Knows Winch Plates... * In 2013 Maximus-3 was the first company to design a winch plate to fit a Warn Zeon inside the JK 10A/Hard Rock bumper. A feat of engineering that was said to be "not possible." * Our Winch Plate structurally exceeds all standards required by winch...