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  1. 1350 Driveshaft vs a Stock JL Driveshaft

    Well over due upgrade for us. We finally replaced our stock rear driveshaft for a new Tom Wood's 1350 driveshaft. This video shows the differences of a 1350 and a stock driveshaft, plus step by step install. We ripped the boot and dented our stock driveshaft in multiple spots, we lost the grease...
  2. How To Install Beadlock Wheels - Jeep JLU, BFG KM3 Tires, Method 105 Beadlock Wheels

    How to install Method 105 Beadlock Wheels 17x9 with BFGoodrich KM3 37x12.50R17 Tires on the Jeep JLU Rubicon! If you have beadlocks, what kind do you have and what tires do you have on them? Post some pictures.