1. Boom Mat or Hotheads?

    I've ordered my 80th Anniversary JLU. I didn't get the Mopar headliner, but I think I want to get an aftermarket kit. Would you choose the Boom Mat for about $320? Or the Hotheads for $548?
  2. Newbie Jeep owner- need advice on headliners.

    Just bought my first JEEP!! I live in FL and it’s hot AF. Do the headliners work? If so, what are the best ones? Do you need the window panels as well? Thanks!! ⚡️
  3. Hothead Headliners Memorial Day Sale!

    Hi Everyone, Hothead Headliners is starting their annual Memorial Day today. Head on over to our web site for the details and check out our hard top headliners for the JLU Wranglers. It's getting warm and our headliners will stop the heat that radiates from your hard top while quieting your...