1. Protection for Frame Underneath Wrangler Rubicon?

    For a long time I was under the impression that rock sliders protected the Jeep's frame if sliding up or down a rock. Today, however, I learned that the rock sliders protect the Jeep's body if sliding up or down a rock. So what protects the Jeep's actual frame? I know there's skid plates but the...
  2. Broken Body Mount Bolt Repair Location

    Well, I've done it, I've broken my front passenger body mount bolt while installing some sliders. So far I've been at a complete loss in finding a fix. I've taken it to the dealership who recommended that I take it to a body shop. I've reached out to several in my area and they've all said that...
  3. JLUR Frame Damage

    After removing the front bumper from my 2020 JLUR, I exposed damage to the front frame. Of course both manufacturer and dealer are denying causing it. Has anybody seen or had similar markings?
  4. JL Frame Replacement Process & Pics

    So a lady ran a red light and smashed me and my Jeep a couple months ago. I thought the pics of the frame replacement process were interesting, so I thought I’d share. I’ll post more as the service guy sends them. ETA: Added a couple new pics from today. New ETA is Tuesday...
  5. Texas What bolt size is the towing harness?

    I dont have the tow package and I can't seem to find the bolt size for it. If anyone knows let me know.
  6. Pennsylvania Frame JL have good frame for a 2018 Wrangker Unlimited also frt axle for repair or parts.

    Frame JL have good frame for a 2018 Wrangler Unlimited $750 also frt axle for repair or parts. Near Valley Forge Pa.
  7. Cutting a JL in half to build a V8 JLU Crew Pickup Conversion! by Bruiser Conversions

    It hurts seeing this, but it is very instructive: Crawl TV and Bruiser Conversions take a brand new JL Sahara totally apart and cut body and frame in half to make a JLU Crew for the next SEMA! Day 1: Day 2: Day 3,4 & 5: ENJOY!!!
  8. NHTSA Development - petition for frame welds investigation

    Spoke to a higher up at the NHTSA today. He said that we can accelerate the frame welds investigation process by sending in a petition. Not the petition type with signatures but one that is simply and official request for investigation. Below is the letter I'm sending less my signature. Feel...
  9. Factory Frame Taps??

    Howdy everyone! While under the Jeep this weekend, I noticed these factory installed threaded mounting locations in the frame (in the rear). Anyone else seen these? Anyone know anything about them? I think a couple aftermarket MFRs are using them to mount skids, underbody air tanks, etc...
  10. Frame welds rusting

    I was crawling around under the Jeep today and spraying ares where rust had started to form with some rust converter. The basic areas... the bottom of the pumpkins, a spot here or there, where the driveshaft bolts to the attachment plate. Places that you would normally see rust. Then I noticed...