1. Shock, Springs & Suspension Information Chart Matrix

    I've had a few people ask for access to my shock & spring charts, so I decided to put all this in a sharable format that anyone can access or download & modify. There's more than one tab at the bottom, feel free to view or download. Shock Matrix The following fields highlighted in yellow are...
  2. How Important Is The Ramp Travel Index (RTI)?

    Which setup would be preferred for rocks and deep ruts, 35" tires with a ramp travel index (RTI) of 700 or an RTI of 832 but only 33" tires?
  3. Large Tires vs. Wheel Uptravel

    For very rocky and rutty terrain, which one would be more important: 315/70R17 tires at the expense of a small loss of wheel uptravel, say 10mm per wheel and the need to use a limiter, or 285/70R17 tires but with slightly more wheel uptravel, the 10mm per wheel?
  4. Rock Krawler 2.5" Flex Suspension Lift w/ Rancho RS9000XL Shocks

    Hey all, I am brand new to the Jeep community with a 2020 JLU S Altitude. I am wanting to build it out for overlanding eventually. As the title says I am thinking of doing a Rock Krawler 2.5" flex lift and instead of the RRD Shocks, getting Rancho RS9000XL shocks. I like the Rock Krawler...
  5. Liberty / Independence Trail CO - Video ! Most Extreme crawling to date

    This trails is rated 8-10 dependending on which section. Last section is definitely a 10 imho We winched up the most difficult section as it’s usually done top to bottom. But did it in reverse and broke out the rear tail light and popped off the rear fender (clipped it back in later). Zip tied...
  6. Ohlins suspension coming for JL Wrangler!!!

    Some fun stuff coming down the pipe at Ohlins for the JL