flat tow

  1. Wrangler 4xe can be flat towed

    One of the single most asked questions abut the 4xe has been about flat towing. We have confirmed through the Jeep Cares Team and through other inside sources that the Wrangler 4XE can indeed be flat towed.
  2. Oklahoma JL Complete Flat Tow Kit

    Got rid of my RV so won’t be needing my flat tow stuff anymore. This kit is complete with everything you will need to flat tow your JL. Well over $4000 in parts alone. Roadmaster Direct Connect Roadmaster Falcon All Terrain 7500lbs Tow Bar Cooltech Tow Harness and battery charger Deluxe...
  3. Aluminum Flat Tow bumper complete

    Had my Patriot Aluminum bumper and winch installed yesterday. Completely happy with the product.
  4. JLU aftermarket front bumper for Blue Ox flat tow yoke

    Anyone planning on flat towing their new JLU? Looks like Blue Ox makes a base plate for the JL to use with the stock Bumper. Do any of the aftermarket bumper folks make a bumper that can be used with a blue ox yoke?
  5. My JLU's turning into a TOAD

    Our Punk'n JLU is on order, will soon become a TOAD (towed all wheels down) behind our motorhome. Has anyone here set their Wrangler JL up for towing? It would be great to get some discussion going on good tow systems. Ours will be towed behind a 43ft diesel pusher, replacing the Honda CR-V...
  6. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    Hello, looking for suggestions on the best front bumper to install - that is also good for being flat towed behind RV. Would love suggestions on the whole setup really. But looking for a front bumper that looks good, can take a winch, maybe some slots for lights, and need to better understand...