1. Flush Fitments?

    Hey! Just wondering if any wheels exist that allow the Jeep to keep a flush fitment, I don't really like the aggressive stance look and am really just looking to put 33s on 17s for my Sahara. If you know any wheels like that or have any suggestions please drop some below, thanks!
  2. Advice for a newcomer... 33s on a stock ‘20 JL?

    Hi everyone... New to all this stuff and trying to decipher a lot of information which I’ve maybe over-complicated in my own mind. I have a stock JL and want to get new rims with some offset & chunky snow-rated tires for the Buffalo NY winters. So I’ve narrowed it down, and seems like Mickey...
  3. JK steelies on a JL

    So I got a smokin deal on a set of steel wheels from a 16 JK, they are 16inch stock rims. Stock on my JL is 17s i looked at my breaks... i don't have a lot of clearance. Does any one run 16s on a sport JL if so how much back spacing?