1. California Rubicon OEM Drl LED’s

    Removed to do a fender chop, work perfectly and only 6 mo old https://www.ebay.com/itm/233717000000
  2. Wisconsin Sold: FS: OEM LED DRLs w/harness

    Was that tree closer than you thought and now you have a DRL dangling off the side of your fender? Solution: Buy my undamaged LED and replace them. You can do this yourself by watching the AAL highline fender install video and learn how to remove your light, then follow instructions in...
  3. How to disable the factory DRLs?

    I bought a pair of aftermarket LED headlights for my 2018 Unlimited Sport. My Wrangler is using low power High Beam as DRL, and the headlights I brought leave the low beams on when using high beam, which means as soon as I start the engine, both my high beams the low beams are on. The only thing...