1. New Rubicon - Hood Decals stay on or decals come off?

    So I'm going to conduct a straw poll. My eccentric, fastidious self says take off the Rubicon hood stickers. My car crazy youngest daughter (Thunderbird 3) agrees. However Middle daughter (Thunderbird 2) and my CEO (wife) think - in completely unambiguous and extremely vocal terms - that I MUST...
  2. Debadge Interior?

    I've read several threads and watched a few videos on debadging the Jeep's exterior, but what about the interior? Specifically I am curious about debadging the Jeep logo on the steering wheel (careful: airbags), the Rubicon / 4xe branding on the odometer display panel, and the blue Rubicon...
  3. Getting the 3M adhesive off easily from jeep side logo

    Debadged the Jeep but couldn’t get the 3M adhesive off and didn’t want to take rubbing compound to a new painted Jeep. After removing “Jeep” and trying Goof Off looked like the above photo. Used the 3M remover and in 5 minutes - all gone