1. 2019 Jeep JL on Rubicon Trail Soup Bowl Snow & Ice

    Going up soup bowl on the rubicon trail with snow & ice 12/12/2020. Here is link for full video: Looking for sponsors 😂
  2. California WTB Ultimate Dana 60 Rear Axle Complete

    Looking for an ultimate dana 60 rear axle complete with 5:38 gears and e locker.
  3. Piecing Together A 2.5” Lift

    Currently, I have a 2019 Rubicon with a Rough Country 2.5” coil spacer lift & their adjustable track bar to run 37” tires. It rides amazing. It’s a glorified mall crawler/grocery getter for the gf, so it’s not going to see much off-roading. I just picked up some Accutune adjustable Fox 2.0...
  4. Currie SWAG Pack Giveaway!

    We have another Currie SWAG pack to giveaway, so let's do it! The rules to this giveaway are simple: Post up a pic of your JL and what mods you've done or what mods you are going to do! These rigs are for having fun, so get bonus points for any of the following: Pics that are showing you...
  5. A Very Currie Christmas at Northridge4x4

    One give-a-way at a time isn't enough! Currie liked our 12DoC giveaways so much they wanted to join in and do a give-a-way specifically targeted to the JL owners, so here you go, another Christmas promotion for the JL Wrangler Forums! Santa's Elves over at Currie Enterprises wanted to make...
  6. 2018 Black Friday Sales will be AWESOME!

    2018 Black Friday sales at Northridge4x4 will be off the hook this year! Screaming deals on tons of products and even some special deals that will not be available from any other suppliers... oh yeah, this is happening, take advantage of it while you can. ;) We can't release a list of all the...
  7. Rebel Off Roads JLUR SEMA Build

    Its that time of the year again! And so our build for SEMA begins. We're going take you guys on our journey as we take our Jeep Wrangler JL to the next level. Check back for updates as we hit the road to SEMA 2018. First off decals need to be removed because this JL is going to get a paint job!
  8. Anyone using an Antirock Swaybar on their JL?

    Just curious if anyone is using the Currie Antirock on their JL, and if so what their impressions thus far are on install, performance, etc.. Looks like their kit is out at: