Hi Guys! I Have a 2019 JLU MOAB and never took off the hardtop because of the hassle. I'm interested in buying a garagesmart (used) or any other electric hoists for my garage. What are my best options??
  2. Pennsylvania Sold: ISO Aftermarket Adj. Control Arms 2018 JLU Sport

    Preferably Teraflex, Icon, Synergy, or RK. I would like all 8. BUT I’m primarily needing front lowers. Thanks
  3. California WTB JL soft top (2 door)

    Looking to buy a soft top with hardware for a 2020 jl sport (2 door). Any soft top will do. Can also pick up in UT. Willing to drive a little to get it I’m in Santa Barbra/Draper.
  4. Buy or Build? 2020 Willys vs 2018 Sahara

    I dare to ask as I know every Jeep is as unique as its owner, and many would say no to either "deal". After getting many quotes for the best below invoice I could find on a build, and then finding a very close 2018 on a lot and negotiating as low as I could; below are the two options I am...
  5. WTB Rubicon Take offs - Chicago

    Just got my first Jeep. 2019 JLU Sahara and I'm looking for some rubicon take offs (springs, wheels and tires.) for sale in the Chicagoland area. Anyone selling/know anyone selling? Also not sure if that requires any different control arms or other parts. thanks!
  6. Yup, it's another Rubicon or 4Runner question

    Hi Jeep enthusiasts, I have a question that I'd love your thoughts on—which should I buy: a new Rubicon JL or a used 4Runner Trail (2014-2016). Yes, it one of those. BUT, I'm not here to incite a flame war. I'd like to tell you my specific needs, to get specific feedback to help make sure I...
  7. Sold: CLOSED: WTB Billet Silver Hard Top

    Looking to buy an excellent condition billet Silver hard top. Would be willing to trade my excellent condition black JLU hardtop plus some cash for an excellent condition billet Silver hardtop. May consider trading a new never opened premium twill black soft top with tinted windows for an...
  8. Maryland Sold: CLOSED:WTT Black JLU Hardtop for Billet Silver Hard top (or WTB)

    Looking to trade my excellent condition black JLU hard top for an excellent condition billet Silver hardtop. Would be willing to add some cash. Would also be interested in just buying an excellent condition billet Silver hard top if you are not interested in a black hard top. Edit: May also...
  9. WTB - Gobi Stealth Rack

    Looking to buy two Gobi Stealth Racks ASAP. If you've received one or have one on order for delivery prior to May 20th, I'll offer more than what you paid. I have two on order from yesterday's date and Gobi provided a 16 week lead time. Comment if you're interested in selling!
  10. Lease or Buy?

    as i get older, i have less interest in leasing and swapping out - just buy exactly what i want and ride it into the ground, or sell it (which can be a hassle, but whatever). because people do so much custom work on jeeps, it strikes me as one car that makes little sense as a "leased vehicle" -...