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  1. New Jersey Sold: (4) 37” KO2s on AEV Salta XRs

    Have a set of 4 37” KO2s mounted on AEV Salta XR wheels w/tpms for sale. Tires have about 2,000 miles on them, no flats, punctures, or plugs in any of them. Located in the Central NJ area. $2,200 obo
  2. North Dakota 5 OEM Rubicon Black wheels with polished lip upgrade and BFG KO2

    5 OEM Black wheels with polished lip and BFG KO2’s from a 2019 Rubicon with less 12,000 miles. Good condition. local pick up in the Fargo/Moorhead area and possibly willing to meet within 2 hour drive. $1,300 No tpms
  3. Grey Wolf

    Grey Wolf

  4. California Sold: 2019 JLUR Wheels and BFG KO2 OEM 33" with TPMS

    Hello all! Selling my 5 wheels/tires combo coming off my 2019 JLUR. Wheels are the standard Rubicon wheels. Tires are the standard BFG KO2 285/70r17 33", with 4,400 miles on it. OEM TPMS Sensors are still in the tires and included. Spare has never been mounted and used. No nicks or scratches...
  5. California Set of 5 JLUR polished lip wheels and tires. $1000. About 900 fwy miles

    Kept these for warranty steering issues which have been largely resolved. 4 have been on the highway, the spare is new. TPMS removed, they are balanced. Want them out of the garage now. I have been driving on my 35's or 37's and these sat in the garage except for when taking the jeep to the...
  6. Oregon Sold: 5 Rubicon Takeoffs Upgraded Wheels / BFG KO2 Tires / TPS / Lugs - Less than 200mi with TPS

    Complete set of 5 Rubicon takeoffs Upgraded wheels BFG KO2 - 33 - 285/70r17 (less than 200mi) Factory TPS Sensors Factory Lug Set These are as like new as you can get for Rubicon take offs. Bought the Jeep new a week and a half ago and literally took it from the dealer to Discount Tire the...
  7. New York Sold: Upgraded Rubicon Rims/Tires

    The last deal fell through. This is for all 5 with TPMS. Ended up with ~3,500 miles on them. Looking for a local sale. $1,500
  8. California Sold: FS SOCAL: 5 polished lip UPGRADED Rubicon wheels with BFG KO2's (LT285/70R17C OWL)

    Set of 5 polished lip UPGRADED Rubicon wheels with BFG KO2's (LT285/70R17C OWL). 4 tires had about 3k miles, Spare has zero miles. No TPMS. I'm by Dodger Stadium 90039. Selling because I upgraded to aftermarket rims/tires. $1300
  9. New Jersey Sold: Rubicon takeoffs

    Located in Central NJ. Tires have about 800 miles on them, spare is brand new, comes with stock tpms sensors installed as well. Local pick-up, SOLD.
  10. Falken WILDPEAK MT to replace BFG KO2 on 2019 Rubicons Falken announced today that it will begin supplying the WILDPEAK MT as the new OE tire for 2019 Rubicons. The article doesn’t state when the change will take place. Seems surprising that Jeep is walking away...
  11. Rubicon Sold: 5 Almost New BFG T/A KO2 in Wake Forest, NC (Raleigh) - $650

    I have 5 almost new (spare obviously new) take off BFG T/A KO2s from my one day old Rubicon JL. Size: 285 70 17s The 4 on the wheels only have 78 miles on them plus another 5 miles to the tire store tomorrow morning. I live just outside of Wake Forest, NC, north of Raleigh, NC. $650 firm /...
  12. SOLD!! 35x12.5r18 ko2/Armory

    Hello everyone, selling my pristine tire/wheel setup. Only 400 miles (spare has 0 miles on them). I have 35x12.5r18 BFG ko2 all terrain E rated tires that i just installed few weeks ago. No off roading on them just city driving. I have them on 18 inch black rhino Armory wheels. I have receipt...
  13. 2018 JLU

    2018 JLU

  14. SoCal: 5 rubicon wheels with tires

    I just took off my wheels today and mounted 37s. My rubicon wheels are still at the shop and you could pick them up there. These are the takeoffs off my 2018 JLUR. The guys at the shop are aware of it. I’m located in LA but I frequent Orange County pretty often if that helps for me to get to...
  15. Rubicon wheel and tire takeoffs for sale - NY/NJ

    I have the 5 stock 33" BFG KO2 tires and wheels for sale. No sensors. I'm in the Long Island, NY area however I'm willing to meet halfway somewhere if it helps. Message me if interested. Looking for $1,500 OBO.
  16. Debating between tires

    Hey Guys I recently got my JL and wanted to start the build by changing the wheels and tires, I already bought some wheels that I liked (17x9) but I can't decided what tires should I buy, my JL is my DD and would be 10-20% of the time offload, I am debating between the 315-70r17 BFG KO2's the...
  17. FS: 5x Nitto Ridge Grappler 34 with wheels & tpms

    For Sale: 5x Nitto Ridge Grappler 34 with wheels & tpms For Sale: Ready to go complete (5x) 34" tires, 17" wheels & tpms set from my Jeep 2 door. Just pop 'em on and go! whats included (5 of each): - Nitto Ridge Grappler 34" (285/75r17 load C) - Level 8 Tracker (17x8.5, 4.5 backspace) - TPMS...