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  1. What all is needed for a 2.5" lift kit on a 2021 JL Sport S 2-Door?

    Hello all, I'm soon to be getting a 2021 JL Sport S 2-Door and wanted to fit on 35's asap. This is a daily driver, but will see some light offroad a few times a year. Nothing crazy, though. Stock could handle it fine, but I love the look of 35's. I'm not a huge fan of the stock Sport S rims...
  2. Texas 2019 Wrangler JL Moab

    11k miles $49,000 obo.
  3. Texas 2019 Wrangler Moab Edition

    2019 Wrangler Moab 11k miles. 48,000 obo.
  4. California Sold: WTS: Falken Wildpeak MT 315/70r17 set of 4 tires only, 2k miles - $850

    Hello! Looking to sell set of 4 Falken Wildpeak MT tires, 315/70r17. Was on truck for around 2000 miles, and has one light offroading trip at a local offroad park. Currently off the truck so no more miles will be put on them. $850 for all 4 of them. Located in Fremont, California. Thanks for...
  5. JLU Sport build Ocean Blue

    So finally decided to start my build thread! I got the Jeep in October and it is now my 3rd Jeep (07 JK 2door and 2000 XJ). This is a 2019 Jeep Jl Sport in Ocean Blue. As of right now I have installed: Rubicon Rock Sliders 2 inch Zone Spacer kit 35in Falken WildPeak AT3W on KMC Messa 17x8.5...
  6. 33s vs 35s? (First lift and Larger Tire purchase)

    So I am new to the tire and suspension aftermarket world of Jeep, looking for some insight and expertise. I Had a TJ for about 6 years and just upgraded to the JL last Fall. I'd like to upgrade to larger tires and a modest lift but have never done so before so I have some questions. The big...
  7. Going to 35s on a JLU Sahara

    Hello all. As you can read by the title, I am interested on purchasing some new wheels with 35’ tires. I’m interested in doing this the right way. I’m curious to hear some opinions on what the right way is. The Jeep is a 6spd 3.6L Sahara edition. It is my daily driver, it won’t really be...
  8. Gunmetal Stinggray

    Gunmetal Stinggray

  9. Rough ride after installing a spacer lift and larger tires.

    I installed a spacer lift to retain the factory ride on my JLUR. After mounting new tires and wheels the ride has become rougher and stiffer. Question: could this be a tire inflation issue or possibly the stock shocks not able to handle the larger tire size? 35x12.5x18