Jeep Grand Cherokee
    5.9 limited
    Platinum/silver 2tone
    360 V-8 or 5.9L
    Loaded 1998 5.9
    Tow. and every option available for the 5.9
    35" Goodyear Wrangler MTR's on 15" Pro Comp Rock crusher steels
    7" Iron Rock Off Road. Long arm Premium kit. = F/R La's with Critical Path front Iron Y. to include front and rear double shear track bars and JKS quicker disconnects. Built in bump stop nitro shock,s with bar pin eliminators. Steering box upgraded to a Darango box with a steering box brace and a new drop pitman arm included in the IRO kit.
    Front axle: High Pinion revers cut Dana 30 from early XJ. Arctic Trussed , Riddler diff cover. heavy duty lower Control arm mounts, Yukon 4.56 gears. Detroit locker, Heavy Duty U-joints with IRO Almost ALLOY kit.

    Rear Axle.: Dana 44A with 4.56 Yukons and a Aussie Locker.
    Full time transfer 249 case replaced with part time 242 with Novak Cable shift kit.
    Transmission Vent sealed behind Torque converter and relocated to air box. (Snorkel) Diff vents raised as well.

    Tom Woods drive shafts. No Prop shafts. all u-joint
    Super 44 exhaust with a turn down prior to rear axle.
    ARB Safari Snorkel.// Proto Fab Winch Bumper. RS9500 wireless synthetic winch. // Bush Wacker fender flairs.// JRC Stage III Rock sliders.// Roof rack// 50" Curved LED light bar//
    Stock 5.9 Luxurious heated Leather seats with a very supple cafe leather as per the add.
    C/B GPS. Tools. Scan reader/ Multi meters/Tools/Tools/tools and more tools
    I bought this stock in 2007 with 79k on the clock. The only mode done by the previous owner was the 2 tone pain job. I have since put over 100K on the clock
    . In 1998 this was the fastest product SUV made. But it ain't no Grand Cherokee Track Hawk. Now its all low and slow for my tempo. over the past 10 years I have had several lifts in it and different tires sizes, I have found every week link. the only stock part to my ZJ is the motor ( V-8 360ci)
    worst carnage= sunk it real deep while several hours from home on a wheeling trip with my two Son's in South Jersey. I Filled the jeep to my belt line. Kept the Jeep running while my son winch me out from behind with his Jeep. No problems as I check the jeep out when it was hi and well, not quite dry. It looked like all was going to be ok. However, As I started driving down the trail about 1 mi, long grass /weeds from the water hole was tangled around my rear drive shaft. As the shaft spun, the weeds somehow grabbed my O2 sensor wires and ripped the wires clean off the sensor in the exhaust pipe. Not and end to a trip, That would have only thrown a code. Unfortunately, It did not stop there. It kept going until the entire harness was sucked on to the shaft and cause the Crack shaft position sensor wires to rip rite out of the Crank shaft position sensor between the back of the block and the fire wall. A place you can not see without a mirror. I was in heavy sand an on the throttle when it abruptly stopped. I thought I threw a rod by the feel and sound of it. I realized what it was after hours of trouble shooting under a water dripping muddy/sandy wet dirty jeep. Thank goodness my oldest son brought his jeep down on a tow dolly . I was able to get it home and perform the PITA crank sensor replacement at home on a later date.

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