Newbie CS 2019 JLUS Sting-Ray

    Jeep Wrangler
    JL Unlimited Sahara 2.0L Turbo
    2.0 Turbo E Torque
    8- Speed Auto
    Sky Power Top
    BFG 33's
    2.0 lift
    Guess I would be called a Newbie. Always been RAM owner for 20 years. My friend works at Jeep Dealership where I have bought 3 Rams & 3 more autos there and Son has Jeep Wrangler Sport lift big with 37's BFG on his. I was sitting there talking with him while waiting for Oil Change and Zaktek done. Sitting there looking at a Jeep on Showroom floor and it didn't have the Roof line break where the Hard Top would be. I asked him where is the Hard Top break line at. He laughed and walked over to it and pressed button inside and the Roof opened up. It has the new Sky Power top on it. So I kept looking at it for while. Went to leave and told Dealership manager bye and he said aren't you taking the New Jeep home. Told him you know my 2017 Silver Edition Ram is barely 2 years old and he said I'll set you up good with Jeep. So long story short my WILD HAIR hit me and I drove Jeep out. LOL !! So now Jeep owner of 2019 Sahara JLU with Sky Power Top and loaded. Just did Teraflex 2 Inch lift and 33's BFG tires. Didn't want to go Big and it turned out to be perfect Height and looks I wanted.
    I'll post Before and After pics now. I am also new to this Jeep forums etc. Google made that first After picture look like that. Special effect I guess.

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  1. higbyz
    Those tires look so much better than the oem's. Beautiful Jeep
    1. NewJLU2019
      Thanks, its like night and day putting Lift and KO2's
      NewJLU2019, Aug 15, 2019
  2. Mark16830
    Jeep looks great!
    1. NewJLU2019
      NewJLU2019, Aug 15, 2019
  3. Sean L
    Looks great with those KO2s! Are they OE size or did you upsize any?
    1. NewJLU2019
      Came with Bridgestone Duelers 255/70/R18 Went with the BFG KO2's 275/70/R18 Kept the Wheels so 33's are biggest that will fit. wheel is 18 X 7.5 I didn't want to go 35's cause of MPG lost and its hard on brakes etc.
      NewJLU2019, Jul 23, 2019
      Sean L likes this.
    2. Sean L
      Pretty cool, I missed the part where you said they were 33s earlier. I like the look.
      Sean L, Jul 24, 2019
  4. NewJLU2019
    So just wanted to say HELLO to the Jeep World !!!