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  1. 2021 Jeep JLR problems in first few days

    Isn't the tailgate Aluminum? When I worked at a dealership (in another century) new cars would occasionally wind up in the body shop with minor lot damage. Work was always done well. That paint defect looks to me like something was stuck to the panel before paint. No body shop did that bad a...
  2. Need some help with “true size” of a couple tires

    Assuming it’s an auto, the answer is 5.13. With the huge 8th gear overdrive, there’s just no reason to go with anything less, even on 35s. That’d have you turning 2700at 80mph.
  3. Hero's Journey Ad Featuring the Wrangler

    Ever watch these exploits? Literally must be the most extensive tour of the world's carwashes. Don't FCA dealers wash 'em for you after covered repairs? I kid, I kid. Not very woke of Jeep marketing to have a "frontliner" travel across many states to her gray-haired parents.
  4. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    That’s why Germans have a set of winter tires, often as a factory option.
  5. 5 Wheel Rotation vs 4 Wheel Rotation

    Case in point- bought JKUR with factory fresh BFG on the back door and 4 worn- out Duratracs. I was going up in size and wanted the spare to match. Had zero use for that spare. Wear em all out as you go, and get 5 freshies next time.
  6. Going in 4WD over 45 mph

    I75 north of Saginaw. As for shifting INTO 4wd above 45mph? It’ll be harder and will cause wear if you do it all the time. Once in, go nuts- not gonna hurt anything- unless you run out of talent, of course. Now, since your Jeep has traction control and VSP, the stability benefit of 4wd is less...
  7. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    Not a point I was ever trying to make. Lots of owners with big tires say their AT Jeeps get around fine, but concede that they're basically resigned to being 6speeds. Once you're at 35 or larger with gas/8HP, there are ZERO drawbacks to 5.13 gears, aside from the price tag. I would never tell...
  8. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    The graph actually came from an article comparing the 2.0 and V6. They did have an overlay of those two.
  9. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    Off idle, sure. After that, Pentastar torque is pretty much flat between 25-5500rpm.
  10. Triple A (AAA) vs FCA Roadside Assistance

    I wouldn't have a AAA membership if I wasn't insured there. My basic membership covers 2 miles of towing. WTF good is that?
  11. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    Don’t need experience to do simple math. 566 rev/mi x 5.13 x 0.72 x 80 mi/h / 60 min/h = 2800rpm. If you want to put 5.13s in your 6spd rig, that’s YOUR business. In vehicles that don’t have the 8HP I’d agree that the MT needs deeper gears, but because of the huge OD, there just aren’t any...
  12. How deep is too deep to water ford with factory air intake?

    Stock fording is 30”. Good idea to check fluids in axles, t-case and trans, as well as engine oil after any deep water crossings.
  13. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    With 37s you’ll be at 2800 at 80. Should keep things peppy enough. For the auto I’m simply of the opinion that there is no reason to regear to anything less than 5.13.
  14. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    The auto has a taller final drive. On 35’s with the auto and 4.88s you’ll turn 2500rpm at 80mph. For anything but downhill with a tailwind, you want that much to push all that turbulence without downshifting all the time. It’ll also keep the engine in the more efficient part-load operation...
  15. Rubicon Package as a $5k upgrade to any trim

    I'd settle for a check box for 1" lift, rear locker (or even Truetrac), Rubicon fenders, 35's and 4.56 (MT) or 4.88(AT) gears. Would cost them maybe a grand.
  16. I'm between 34s and 35s, with Mopar 2" lift.

    If the Sahara had the optional gears, it would have been fine. Why did you trade out of your Gladiator?
  17. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    Its $5k, but OK. Makes a Base Man/Sqatch $35k with shipping (from the plant 15mi away) I'm not out there, nor do I expect to be in the near future. I'll pass on shifting one of the clunkiest t-cases in and out of Lo-Range all day. It'll be a JT, so the base front D44/M200 is plenty stout...
  18. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    Or, you know, If you've been wheeling for a couple of decades, know that in the Midwest many NEVER use their front locker, can't stand the 4:1 low range, and feel that spending another 9 grand (or 27%) more because of perceived value is just un-called for. Ford is bringing the base Bronco with...
  19. Does nobody love bare bones Jeeps anymore?!

    It's not that I'm opposed to basic conveniences, but Jeep simply charges WAY too much for their options, and I won't have it. That they even have a base radio below what every other manufacturer is using for a base model is just insulting. To get AC, CarPlay and Keyless, you have to spend...
  20. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392 V8 - Specs, Wallpapers, Videos!

    Looks like it gets.... Rubicon diesel axles with the Mojave knuckles. Mojave steering wheel and seats, Gladiator grille. Mojave hood?