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  1. Mopar front trail camera

    This is the view from the mopar '21 option with a medium warn bull bar and a nilight light bar. It works well enough for placing tires on rocks and not needing a spotter for some things. With the mopar head unit, you probably won't get better quality since the video input just can't support...
  2. Mopar front trail camera

    The video input for the uconnect is the older RCA component video (the yellow video cable). The max resolution supported by that is 480. It will not support something greater than that without significant modification that I don't think will ever exist outside of a new head unit.
  3. Which Warranty Did You Get? And how much did it cost?

    Is that a thing anymore? I thought they got rid of that
  4. So!!! Getting ready to go rough camping? Show your gear!!

    So it's ~2k to make, but what would you charge for a finished one? I'd be interested around tax return time. You're not too terribly far from me I do kind of want to try building one. It looks like fun
  5. JL corrosion

    Yeah, it took a while to get the build started for some reason
  6. A simple warning about your poorly designed diff drain bolt.

    I must be bad at googling. What front diff skid plates are there for the rubicon? I can find rears just fine, but fronts are hard to find. And some, like metal cloak, say they don't work with the front stock track bar What are you guys running? Links?
  7. JL corrosion

    Do we know if they've since changed their production methods? My Jeep just rolled off the assembly line this week. I'm curious if I'll have issues or if they've fixed it yet
  8. 110 Volt electric socket

    Did you let xzibit put a fish tank in your Jeep? (go to 18:00)
  9. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Hey! Our Jeeps must be hanging out together right now. Mine is in trim, too! From this link ( It looks like: 1) framing 2) paint 3) trim = doing the rest of the build Steps 1, 2, and...
  10. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Mine wasn't posted yet, but Jeep Chat said: "Thank you, I can see your order has entered the build and is in the Trim stage! This is part of the base build and will be moving into inspection from here and onto have some more equipment installed! " Not too sure how long it'll be until shipping...
  11. Winch Winch Winch

    Waiting on my jeep to be built! Once I get it I'll add a winch to the front :D
  12. Mopar front trail camera

    Unless something changed recently, it didn't
  13. JL corrosion

    The TJs had their own fun rust issue. The tires would kick up water and mud into the frame holes in the wheel well. There was no drainage hole in the bottom of the frame on the corners by the wheel wells, so water would pool and rot it from the inside out. It would look great on the outside, but...
  14. Vehicle broken into...

    Crazy they couldn't just... unzip it... I had my TJ broken into. They slashed my passenger side window (seriously, just unzip it), broke my locked glovebox open, and broke my locked center console open. The only thing I had in the glove box was an insurance card and some napkins. The only thing...
  15. What happened to the Easter Egg contest?

    Will it be on the 2021s? How obscure will it be? Like Jeep logo on the top of the piston heads type hidden? Lol
  16. JL Window Sticker and Build Sheet Order Tracking

    Dang. And here I am with my 8/27 order still in D1 status. One day they'll build mine... One day...
  17. Extended cargo liner recommendations

    I have this cargo liner, but I don't have the Jeep yet (ordered 8/27. One day it'll be built...). It's for a 2door and looks like it covers the whole back. It also let's you access the tie downs
  18. Fridge on OEM battery - impossible?

    I have a 74q pelican cooler and it's been keeping ice as ice since I filled it this past Sunday. It's been sitting outside in full sun since then. When it gets too warm, I'll just dump another bag in from the gas station. Jeeps need gas, gas stations have ice. This guy traveled around Africa...