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  1. List of Chrysler MS-12991 Engine Oil for the 3.0 EcoDiesel Jeep Wrangler

    My Jeeep came from Factory low on oil and DEF ,i went to Jeep dealer to buy a quart of oil to tap off an the parts manager brought me Rottela T6 5w20 , he insisted that’s the right oil spec for Jeep EcoDiesel and Ram 3th gen . At 1000 I did the oil change went back to the dealer to get the...
  2. 1st oil change for diesel?

    Thank you. It was a 10 min job . For oil filter you will need 27mm socket and 13 mm for the oil pan plug .
  3. 1st oil change for diesel?

    I changed the oil at 1000 miles,very easy .