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  1. QTDDTOT: Questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Will 5 Rubicon Takeoff wheels/tires fit in the back of the JL sport with the rear seats down, for pickup purposes?
  2. Upgrading the Alpine speakers in the JLU Rubicon

    Your right on the money, If you change one thing you have to change it all so everything works together. This is a dream system.
  3. Fuel Tactic wheels

    I agree on borderline, so I'll see how it looks with the 245/75/17 and worse case scenario, I'll get bigger wheel. Thanks for your input.
  4. Fuel Tactic wheels

    Well I pulled the trigger and order today the fuel tactic wheels from 4WheelDrive for my Jl Sport S after seeing them on the Rubicon JL. I'm going to be using my stock 245/75/17 no lift. I'm nervous at how the 17X9 with -12 off set is going to look. I know it only 2 inches pushed out just...
  5. Backseat won't flip down. UGH!

    Yes just play with the up and down but gingerly or it will break then push on the seat back then forward. That worked for me.
  6. Fuel Beast Wheels

    Thanks guys I will do some research. Is there a place to find the info on the stock OEM rims offsets besides behind the rim it self?
  7. Fuel Beast Wheels

    What does 5 X 127 mean?
  8. Fuel Beast Wheels

    I have Jeep JL Sport S and interested in changing the wheels only and keeping the current tires 245/75/17 without a lift. I like the look of the Fuel Beast D564. Does anyone know what the stock offset of my OEM wheels are? It looks like they sell a rim 17 X 9 with offset or without offset. It...
  9. Custom Audio Install Complete

    Now that's a bad ass looking system. I see the Audison Bit One processor on the left what's to the right of the trunk area?
  10. Premium soft top wear -Potential Problem

    I have 5000 miles on my jeep, been thru touchless car wash 11 times, driven in the sunrider and the full down position at 75 mph without straps. No flapping noise either. I'm not saying this is better but that the Jeep can handle it.
  11. Soft Top locking Mechanism

    That worked, owe you a beer.
  12. JL Jeep Locking Safe?

    Can you still use the accessory tray with the console vault installed?
  13. Soft Top locking Mechanism

    I've been using my soft top for the last month up and down always locking and unlocking the safety lock. Today I tried to unlock both sides and neither side will budge out of the lock position. I raised the roof a couple of inches hoping the locking mechanism would jiggle free. Anyone else...
  14. Cloth seats do not come with rear trench cover

    So I'm assuming that support bracket gives more support if you step on that area. In order to install the bracket do you just remove those three seat bolts? Also does the trench cover clip into the bracket or does it velcro to the back of the seats?
  15. Katzkin leather for JL Wrangler

    If your in the Pittsburgh area Teamnutz in the Pittsburgh, PA does Katzkin leather for $1099 installed not including tax. I just had my Jeep done in black leather. Any color for the same price.
  16. JL Unlimited Sport Rocker Covering

    Does the Rubicon rock rails fit the Sport S or does it have to be cut down to fit?
  17. 2018 JL wrangler Unlimited Rubicon rock sliders

    Do you know if they fit a Sport S or do you have to cut them down to fit?
  18. After waiting 110 days for my JL to show up, I took it for a swim!

    Damm, very impressive. I think I read 30 inches is the depth thru water, at what point will the Jeep bog down, when the water is hood height?