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  1. Initial Impressions: Sky One-Touch Power Top

    I have not had any problems with mine and I run it through car washes and everything. I have had soft tops, hard tops, etc. and I will never have another wrangler without the sky one touch top. I absolutely love it and because it is so easy to use my top is open more than it normally would and...
  2. 3.6 vs 2.0

    Agreed. The new auto transmission makes the 3.6 feel like is gained 100 hp from the old JK version.
  3. Going through car wash with one touch top?

    I take mine through all the time without issue. No leaks and I ceramic coat the paint once a year.
  4. Sky one touch vs Premium Black rider?

    I had a 2018 JL with a hardtop and recently traded it for a 2019 JL with Sky One Touch and it was the best move yet. I have had soft tops, hard tops, and none of then are as nice as this one. To me at least.
  5. My second JLUR in 15 months

    I just noticed it while working on it.
  6. My second JLUR in 15 months

    I just bought my second JL Rubicon. I bought a very early JL and went through many of the issues that everyone else went through. My defroster lead came off the glass. My rear seat latch broke off in my hand. My rear window leaked. My rear camera sometimes would just go to a blue screen when I...
  7. Leaks on inside back window of 2019 hardtop

    I have the same issue and the dealer said it is common and they have a gasket kit on order for me. Happy to hear it works.
  8. JLUR DRL and Rear defrost Inop

    Make sure you keep an eye on it. I had the same epoxy fix on mine and it only lasted a couple of months. It did not come off again but it stopped conducting electricity. I took it back to the dealer and they told me that every epoxy fix they did stopped working over time and they ordered me a...
  9. Initial Impressions: Sky One-Touch Power Top

    I love the idea of the Sky Touch and not having to store pieces or go through folding a top down. Now that some of these have been out a little while I do have a couple of questions for those lucky enough to have them. Always wondered how leak resistant it was in a downpour and if there is a...
  10. Going from a Luxury SUV to a Jeep - Opinions Please!

    Buy the Jeep! You will not regret it.
  11. 3.6L ESS Dual Battery Consolidated Information

    Were you actively using the ESS system or would you leave it turned off?
  12. 3.6L ESS Dual Battery Consolidated Information

    Is there any idea what the life expectancy is for the auxiliary battery? I would just like to be proactive and replace it at a certain interval rather than waiting for it to die.
  13. Hard top wind noise

    I don’t think it is a coincidence that 90% of the people complaining about wind noise all say the same thing. It sounds like a window is cracked open and the major area that the sound comes from the passenger side. My Jeep is my daily driver but the other day my wife drove and I sat on the...
  14. Hard top wind noise

    I have the same exact hardtop wind noise and have tried all of the same adjustments and none have worked. This is my next step. I just ordered this: I love my Jeep except the wind noise. I am hoping that this...
  15. Using a Rubicon as a daily driver

    I have a JL Rubicon and I drive it 60 miles a day and already have close to 10k miles on it and it is great as a daily driver even with the tires that came on it. If you have not driven one yet I suggest you do. You might answer your own question. It’s a great vehicle. Enjoy it!
  16. Best Setup for RV Flat Tow

    It took me about 4 hours. I would just follow the directions very closely. I am very mechanically inclined (to a fault sometimes) which causes me to outrun my blockers at times because I just take off with only skimming over the directions. The only thing I will warn you of is be sure to be...