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  1. Willys Edition easter egg in digital guage

    Exactly! I posted this to see if maybe other models (Rubi, Sahara, etc...) show different graphics? Or perhaps other screens show various graphics I haven't yet found? It's a curious nuance that the Willys graphic isn't really visible until the dashboard brightness is turned way up.
  2. Willys Edition easter egg in digital guage

    No adaptive cruise on mine, but I'll have to try the turn signal thing, thx for the tip
  3. Willys Edition easter egg in digital guage

    It sure is - only had for a few days now.
  4. Willys Edition easter egg in digital guage

    Robbie - it was pretty advanced stuff - I switched the display to the trip odometer ;)
  5. Willys Edition easter egg in digital guage

    I adjusted the brightness of the dashboard lights and surprise, surprise; there's a cool background graphic of an original Willys. Who knew, I sure didn't ;) Also some other easter eggs posted by @Bryce
  6. Show off your Delivered JL Here!

    This thing is awesome, so psyched I got a Jeep. Way better than I thought it might be.
  7. Traveling the US in a Punkn

    Sweet lookn build!
  8. Members old and new -- check in and wave hello!

    Picked up my new toy a few days ago and boy is it a sweet ride! Not only do I like it, but after riding around a few days, I actual like it better and waay nicer than than when I test drove a couple of them. It's much more refined on the road (quiet, predictable, handles well) than I could...
  9. Name on window sticker

    Thanks to several of you for responding! I just found there are already two other threads which cover the sticker thing: "Name not on window sticker", "They misspelled my name on Window Sticker"
  10. Name on window sticker

    For custom orders, I believe I heard on this site that the customer's name shows up on the Window Sticker. Is that always the case?
  11. 2020 Jeep Wrangler JL ORDER GUIDE (2-Door)

    Jay - I'm curious where the order guide comes from?
  12. JLU and JL Interactive Pricing Worksheets Updated for 2019! 1-8% below invoice pricing added.

    Maybe I'm just a naive moron, but I just gave the local dealer $1k deposit on a custom order without a price guarantee. They refused to guarantee a price, citing differing incentives & promotions which may be in effect at the time of delivery. OK - I get that argument, but two questions: 1 -...
  13. What color 2020 JL did you order?

    Just ordered a Punk'n Willys with these options ! - 3.6 / Manual - Rock Slider - Hard Top - Tech Group - Convenience Group - Tow & Electrical - Cold Weather
  14. Calculating % off MSRP correctly?

    I’m seeing a lot of great recommendations about 6-8 percent off invoice, etc..., but what discount is reasonable to ask for, given the dealer has to make money on the transaction?
  15. The Non-Rubicon Jl & JLU Thread

    I see what you're talking about - the stock JL did remarkably well on that 3ᴿᴰ obstacle. ...I believe a "stock" Willys with LT255/75R17Cs / limited slip should go over most anything I'm likely to attempt.