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  1. Cab cover that can be put on with soft top hardware

    Did you find a top that would allow you to use with the soft top on and down? I'm start the same search.
  2. Winch-Ready Front Bumper options?

    Perfect. Exactly what I wanted to hear. Did you add the extra two outer lights? I assume using the factory switch means they are all four on or all four off. I know on the website they show being able to switch the two outers and two inners on and off independently. That's the only trade off...
  3. Deegan 38 Front Bumper with KC HiLiTES LED Fog Lights

    I am considering ordering this bumper and am wondering if anyone has installed it. If so, were you able to work around the included light control and install it using the OEM switch? Thank!!
  4. Winch-Ready Front Bumper options?

    I am thinking of ordering that same bumper. Were you able to wire it in so that you could control using factory switch, or did you just mount the after market control? If so, where did you mount it. How have you liked that bumper?
  5. KC HiLiTES c series lights

    thinking of ordering the same bumper and wondering the same thing. Did you ever find a solution?
  6. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    I don’t either. I’ve been meaning to find some sort of diagram or something that explains. I believe the backspace on these is 4.75” and the offset is -6mm. It’s what these wheels came with. They didn’t show any other choices or options. I chose these based on customers’ pictures. They are...
  7. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Thanks!! Wheels are Mammoth Boulders. 17x9. Came from Tires are 285/70R17’s. Ridge Grapplers. Those came from Discount tire.
  8. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Thanks!! Not sure where I got it now, but no It came with the cutout and cover incorporated into it.
  9. PUNK'N Wrangler Jl club

    Hello all. Got new wheels this weekend. Couldn’t decide between charcoal mammoths and fun metal quadratecs. Ended up going with the mammoths. I think they look pretty good. Makes quite a difference compared to the stock rims. Wife thought I got new tires too.
  10. Black or Gun Metal Wheels

    I was in the same boat. I was going between the gun metal and the mammoth boulder charcoal. I went with the mammoths. I’m wishing I had ordered one of each. I’m happy with the mammoths, but thinking they’re just a little darker than I wanted. I think they look good all the same.
  11. Quadratech Rubicon Extreme or Moab Wheels on JL

    I settled on Mammoth Boulders - Charcoal. They’re a tad darker than I think I wanted, but I think they look pretty darn good. It was between these and Gunmetal Quadratec Rubicon Extremes.
  12. Quadratech Rubicon Extreme or Moab Wheels on JL

    i'm interested in those same two wheels. Did you end up with either? I'd like to see pics of both installed on a JL as well.
  13. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    NICE!! I like where the tires set under/past the fender flares. What kind of backspace and/or offset? Are those 295/70R17’s? Hard to read. I’ve got 285/70R17’s on stock wheels now. That’s the look I’m going for.
  14. Black is played out...Show off your non-black wheels!

    May I ask what wheels those are? Love the look. What size tires too? Like most, I’m pondering which wheels to trade up to.
  15. Soft top question. What do you do with your rear window when you put your soft top down?

    I’m curious what y’all do with your rear window when you put the soft top down? There’s not a great place to put it where it will not get a crease in it. Anyone have some insight? I’ve kind of stood it up behind the back seat with the cross bar resting in the wheel wells, but it still sags and...
  16. Premium or Standard Soft Top

    I watched that video and it is very helpful, thanks. It did raise a question that you may be able to confirm the answer to. Once you’ve installed the hardware for the soft top, it appears that you would have to remove the hardware next to the doors to be able to put the hard top back on. Is that...
  17. Premium or Standard Soft Top

    Awesome. Thanks for the info. Looking for a video was next on the list. That’s great. Now I just have to get the top.
  18. Premium or Standard Soft Top

    Question for everyone who has purchased a soft top after the fact. Has anyone installed it themselves? I expect to tackle it myself once the premium top becomes available. I called the local dealerships, and they’ve not installed any yet (of course), so I think I’d rather not be the guinea pig...
  19. JL Soft top release date

    I have a question I'm hoping someone can answer. I read about the Sail Cloth and the Premium (Twill) soft tops, but am only seeing this one on the mopar website: 2018 Jeep Wrangler Jl Accessories - Soft Top - 82215805 The link above reads that this is the sail cloth, and shows same as...
  20. Insider Info for Forum Members Only ;)

    I am interested in the OEM soft top. When might they be available? I was told by a local shop that they’d come available next month. I’d be interested and learning more about the TrekTop NX as well. The Bestop website only shows a JK option for now.