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  1. Stubby Bumper. Let's see them.

    Can’t tell if you have a skid on this - if so what kind? Just got mine today, looks a lil awkward with one imo
  2. Halogen fog lamp housing for after market bumpers?

    you da man, thanks
  3. Halogen fog lamp housing for after market bumpers?

    Hey All, just put an after market bumper on my JL Sport Unlimited. Any work arounds to avoid having to buy new LED fog lights since it doesn’t fit in the new bumper? It’s not about the performance, just don’t feel like spending money to match the head lights with LED also..
  4. Ohio beginner trails

    Great time yesterday, there is truly something there for any Jeep stock/built!! hope to meet some of y’all up there in the next couple of months because I’m freaking hooked - now time to wash the baby
  5. Ohio beginner trails

    sorry just saw the thread - we’ll be up there around 9am tomorrow?
  6. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    I’ve been looking at the Spidertrax, thanks for the tips
  7. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    Appreciate it - I’ll find a hill today/tomorrow. If I did get spacers think I would need to get it don’t prior to off-roading or just take it easy out there until I can get it
  8. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    thanks! It does clear, so I shouldn’t be worried about the rear tires while it’s flexed?
  9. JLU Sport S - Clearance

    Hey All, I recently got a 2” Mopar Lift & 35 K02’s placed on my JLU Sport S stock wheels. There is no rubbing with normal day to day driving but I’m nervous going off road prior to getting spacers. What is the worst thing that could happen with this issue? run against the shocks/lift, blow a...
  10. Ohio beginner trails

    We’re thinking that also, might be 2/3 in our group
  11. Ohio beginner trails

    New member here, looking to head up to SOR for the March dates! Anyone going up there?