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  1. Jeep Almost Got My Family Killed (Battery Issues)

    So do they have a fix for this issue yet. Got 2019 JLU Mine died on me but thankfully I was at a light. I have had to pull over and turn Jeep off and on few times to make warning go away. I took to dealership twice and changed my map sensor twice. Went back couple weeks later each time. Rigged...
  2. Recalls / TSB / Issues Bulletins for JL Wrangler. Check your JL for recalls.

    So my 2019 JLU Sahara has had warnings for Front Collision not working, ACC not working, ESS not working and engine will shut down soon over last year and half. And yes mine did shut down on me once. Changed map sensor twice and still going on. Only had 16000 miles too. Was told by dealership...
  3. Front collision not working keeps coming on

    When to dealer this morning and got Jeep back after was told couldn’t find anything wrong. Was told that there was a bulletin in corporate website about this being a problem should have a fix first of year. I sure as hell hope so with Jeep engines shutting off on highway. Will update
  4. Front collision not working keeps coming on

    Thanks. Both times they change out map sensor I have to return 3 weeks later. Last year did some wiring stuff to get me few months without problems. Now trying same fix as last time. Well didn’t work once how will it now. Annoying stuff. I already had a 2018 buyback cause so many problems. I...
  5. Front collision not working keeps coming on

    Says engine will stall soon. Then totally shuts off. Glad I was at a light at that moment was on a road that’s 55 MPH. They have change map sensor twice. Obviously wasn’t probably.
  6. Front collision not working keeps coming on

    Has anyone had problems with front collision not working warning come on. I had it come on few times and then went to ACC not working and check engine light was on. Finally if says engine will shut down and stalls at a light. Take to dealer the fix it and front collision light still comes on...
  7. Vehicle will shut off soon - CEL and ESC lights on

    That is what mine did other day. Stalled at. Light on me too. I took to dealer and said bad MAP sensor. Change map sensor on mine June 2019 too. So I don’t think that will fix it this time either. Had back for a week ok so far but worked for few months last time too. You ever figure out what...
  8. "Stop Safely Vehicle Will Shut Off Soon"

    Has happened to me a few times last few months. Finally I was at a light and it shows up and my Jeep stalls. Glad I wasn’t driving. Take to dealer and said was MAP sensor so they replaced it. Well last June had issues with Jeep and said Was MAP sensor and changed it then. So how the hell is it...

    Update on my 2019 JLU. In June 2019 change Map Sensor and happened few times since had it stall at light so had to take back to dealer and said same thing. Bad MAP sensor. Only took 3 days to fix again. See if get more that 10000 miles out of this one. If that is even the real problem. So...
  10. Daily Driver- Wrangler JL 2019-yes or no.

    My 2019 Sahara is all I drive. I got hard top so would help the highway noise. I love it. No problem with noise ever. Well top off maybe. Haha
  11. Driver seat feels loose

    No that was one of many things wrong with it. Radio. Fuel pump. Stalling problems and others. They worked on seat 3 times and was still making noise. After that knew was gonna be a fight. Gave me the all others like that answer. So never figured mine out before I got rid of it. Good luck.
  12. Driver seat feels loose

    They fixed the track on my seat and looked at it couple other times and then said was same as jeeps in the lot. I got a replacement Jeep cause had tons of issues. Was still making noise when I got rid of it.
  13. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    I had a soft top for 15 years not like I don’t know they sell them. I like the hard top on the highway better why don’t want to buy soft top. I saw JK had emergency drivable one so not like I’m making something up. Why I asked if out yet. If can do for JK why not JL. Not looking for one to drive...
  14. people who've dealt w/ buy back step inside

    I got a replacement 2019. Didn’t ask about how money works. Sorry. Got all money back for parts I had put into it. Have to have receipts though.
  15. Anyone found drivable emergency rain top for JL yet

    So still not one out yet. WOW. All I can say
  16. My new aftermarket LED headlights

    Not for me but you like them who cares what we think. Just saying.
  17. Anyone ever dealt with MA Lemon Law or another?

    Email mike Manley and told him my story and all problems I had with my Jeep. Gave them my number and they called me. Didn’t get into buy back process for little bit but going straight to corporate worked for me
  18. Anyone ever dealt with MA Lemon Law or another?

    All states are different. If you tell them you have a lawyer and going that route FCA won’t talk to you anymore just lawyers. I read that on other posts. I just went through FCA and got a replacement. Takes awhile and your get pissed some but it all worked out for me.

    Just told me mine was bad MAP sensor. I told them about throttle control and acted like was okay. Sure hope this works don’t feel like going back and forth from dealership. Again. This Jeep is already my replacement for my 2018 JLU.