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  1. Best Option for Cargo Security w/ Top Off?

    You can message ZeroFox on this forum. He's with Diabolocal and can provide info about any current discounts.
  2. Ok.. so who traded this in? 😆

    As least the mall crawler with a 3" lift and 37s would look good.
  3. Backup Lights

    FYI - on driver side its not always white/orange stripe. On mine and many others it's white/brown stripe. It's best to inspect the harness to determine.
  4. 1.5 or 1.75 Wheel Spacers on Stock Willys?

    Really, either will be fine. It's your Jeep and your personal preference.
  5. Ok.. so who traded this in? 😆

    Why would anybody do this?! :surprised:
  6. Backup Lights

    Welcome to the forum! You may need to use a diode or relay. It's possible your cube lights are too much of a draw for the factory circuit. For the backup lights on my Sport S without factory LEDs, the white wire with brown stripe is for reverse bulb 12v +. The lights I added are 2 x 18w and...
  7. Speedometer calibration when upsizing to 33"?

    No gear change needed for 33s. You'll just see 8th less because of the larger diameter/heavier tire. You can still manually get into 8th on the hwy if your auto trans does not do it for you.
  8. Voswitch JL300 Lower Dash Switch Panel

    Subscribed. The JL300 has been on my todo list.
  9. Speedometer calibration when upsizing to 33"?

    With the 8sp auto, Larger tires do impact the transmission's utilization of 8th gear. You will see it less often.
  10. What's your running voltage?

    Hey Gee-pah! Boy! With this subject the feedback will be all over the place... There are so many variables that impact the voltage numbers displayed. Should be interesting! :like:
  11. What did you do TO your Jeep JL today?

    Installed some auxiliary backup lights (turn on when in reverse only) to shed some light on a dark world ;) For reference, the factory reverse bulbs have also been replaced with superbright 6k LEDs.
  12. Rock lights tap to interior lights

    Yup! That's a good option.
  13. Rock lights tap to interior lights

    Understand. Retaining the dimming feature for the rock lights makes it more interesting.
  14. Rock lights tap to interior lights

    Don't know the answer to your specific question. However, you could utilize a relay with another 12v source if you're concerned about overloading the circuit.
  15. '21 JL, mounting lights on stock bumper

    Welcome to the forum! Glad to hear that you found a good solution. I've discovered the same thing when I need some information. The forum search tool is very helpful.
  16. Colorado Willys To Rubicon Coil Swap

    I went with 3/4" up front. Planning ahead for more weight from a bumper.
  17. Colorado Willys To Rubicon Coil Swap

    The LCAs are 1/4" longer than stock and will add caster that the JLs need to improve the steering tracking and stability. The Rubicon suspension and mopar lift LCAs are one of my best mods to date. I also added front spacers to get rid of the rake.
  18. Backup Lights

    Just completed the project and very excited for the results at night! Here's a daytime picture below. (For reference, the backup bulbs in the taillights are aftermarket superbright 6k LEDs.) I'll snap some night-time pics also.
  19. Finally got my dream car!

    Congratulations! Great looking Jeep! Welcome to the family!
  20. Auxiliary DRLs

    Many people use the fuse location for the heated seats. This is only hot when the engine is running I believe.