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  1. Texas WTS All OEM Speakers, Enclosures, and Extra Parts From My 2019 JLU

    Everything that was replaced is for sale. I have had these in a box since I upgraded everything and kept forgetting to offer this stuff to someone. It’s from my 2019 JLU and was removed after 3 months of use. Everything shown in the pictures will ship by least expensive method. 8 speakers, 2...
  2. Texas BNIB Diabolical Slipstream 4” Extension Lid

    For local pickup only/FTF. I have a brand new unopened 4” extension lid for a Diabolical Inc Slipstream. I am in San Antonio near SeaWorld. $220 Cash. I can send pictures of the box if you would like. Just contact me with questions.
  3. 2021 Jeep Wrangler Official Specs & Details. 80th Anniversary and Islander Editions Announced

    I’m only interested if the Uconnect offers the coconut shell edition surrounds.
  4. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    Here are some pictures of stages during the conversion. I’ll post these and edit them with comments soon.
  5. Found an unknown pre-wire today...

    It doesn’t “need” one, but I tend to be the buy once cry once type, so I just bought everything together. I didn’t want to risk missing something while in parking mode since I work at a large hospital in downtown San Antonio. I have been hit while parked before several years ago and...
  6. Found an unknown pre-wire today...

    I just saw the visor and mirror post. I’m going to use the right kick-panel accessory wire since I am mounting a backup battery for the dash camera but, at least we know there’s wiring up top for small stuff...
  7. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    The JK actually had a replacement type enclosure for that area, but I have only seen amps put in there....I would be concerned about overheating (depending on where you live)?
  8. Adding under-seat subwoofer

    Value wise....JBL 8” self-powered sub is what I bought. I am STILL installing everything, but it will work.
  9. Found an unknown pre-wire today...

    While I was taking off panels to run wiring for a sound upgrade and dash cam I found this pre-wired protected connection. Any ideas on what it is pre-wired for? It’s on the passenger side from the A-pillar...
  10. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    I have actually started! Most of today’s work went to taking apart the dash and the 901 screws holding it all in along with those evil clips...btw... this is a really big job for this old guy. I’m adding a PAC audio module, an amp, dash cam, metra pods, SSV adapters, new component speakers, and...
  11. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    I’m not sure, but if you email them you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get the answer...they are great to deal with.
  12. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    I haven’t installed anything yet... I had a close friend have a family member pass the last week of my vacation, so I didn’t do what I had planned. I have laid everything out was working on the Metra boxes and put Boom Mat inside of them this weekend. I realize that I forgot to order wire...
  13. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    I’ll try to do my installation of everything beginning on Thursday. I bought a camera to document and try making videos and will post them next week (hopefully). Everyone have a great New Year!
  14. 6.5" soundbar adapters

    I pre-ordered a pair, but no news on the actual shipping date yet.
  15. Does anyone have wire lengths for battery terminals? re: Big 3/4 upgrade

    I have copied the wiring diagrams(thanks again for making those). Has anyone created a spec sheet with what lengths of wiring are needed to assemble a “Big 3/Big4” upgrade? Maybe to include terminal connections/parts/sizes for both batteries? Thanks in advance for any answers.
  16. Water bubbling up from bottom of windshield

    Mine was in the same area! Must be the beginning and end of the program loop for the windshield adhesive arm during production? I had a short in my dash before even picking up my new Jeep. The dealership said it was likely a defective switch, but I am thinking a few heavy rain storms while it...
  17. New JL Window Leak ?!

    Follow up...I discovered it was a defective sealant application from a factory worker(after a weekend bender). After making a recording of the water coming in during a light rain, I saw that it was actually between the glass and frame instead of the body seal and frame like I assumed. (It...
  18. New Speaker Upgrade Options JL & JT

    Finally shipping! I got a pair of the new Metra 6.5” Dash Speaker Pods....I watched a YouTube video about sound upgrades for the JL from CarStereoChick. I found her blog and Annie has been a lot of help. She got me a pair of the Metra Dash Speaker Pods shipped out last week. Annie also told me...
  19. OEM sound system question

    If you want to keep your controls, look at