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  1. JL Trektop

    Hello, last year I received the first replacement rear seal and a new window because it was sagging and flapping. Today I had to drive 3 hours all highway with it once again flapping out of control, it almost felt like it was going to rip itself off. Since I'm at a year of ownership am I pretty...
  2. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Mine came from a forum member with the 3.6 2 door, and mine is a 2.0 4 door. You will be fine, heres a sound clip. Like I mentioned before, cold start is LOUD like a vacuum playing a tuba but it mellows out once warm.
  3. Muffler delete

    Check my posts on page 4, I have few comments about the sound and posted a video. I liked it but went back to stock simply because I like how quiet the jl is. I'll be posting mine for sale soon.
  4. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    I dont feel there was drone, even my picky wife who lived through my invidia exhaust on my S2000 to my 3 inch turbo back on my sti tolerated it. Everyone's tolerance may vary but when below 3000 rpm is when it's the loudest, hence the vacuum playing a tuba reference on cold starts.
  5. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    Heres the dynomax pipe after warmup at idle, winch mode and a couple of revs.
  6. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    The dynomax vt was on my radar in my jk days before I went with a banks. They have an automatic valve, pretty cool stuff. I just wonder how long that spring would last with all the heat.
  7. 2.0l turbo Exhaust thread.

    I have the dynomax eliminator pipe on my 2.0. The cold start is for SURE the loudest part, it sounds like a vacuum playing a tuba. Once its warm it tames down quite a bit. It's not a ricey tone at all, very mellow and It's honestly not obnoxious day to day, on the highway I barely notice it...
  8. Colorado Dynomax Muffler Elimination Kit

    You have a PM good sir!
  9. Colorado Dynomax Muffler Elimination Kit

    Im interested, where in CO are you located?
  10. JL Trektop

    Unfortunately 3 days into my install I have the flappy rear window and failing seal. I haven't even driven over 45 mph or opened the sunrider. On my jk trektop the tail bar would pull tension on the rear window when you rotated it into place, tight enough to bounce a coin off of it. This one...
  11. JL Trektop

    Too many posts to go through, but if you're referring to a video with a guy in a grey jeep shirt and a silver jeep, it's for a jk.
  12. Post pics of your Rubicon on 35s no lift

    Today for kicks I decided to throw one of my 35x12.5 17 ko2s that are still on my jk wheels on for comparison. Ive been debating on getting them swapped since I got the jeep in Dec. While you can barely notice a difference there was a slight gain. That setup looked big on my jk, the jl seems to...
  13. Replacing Rubicon Fogs Without Removing Bumper?

    Once you pull the splash guard you can get the last two clips out. I left those off in case I needed to make any adjustments I would be able to pull the covers easier.
  14. Need Help Picking Aftermarket Headlights

    My heated trucklites served my jk well and continue their service in the morimoto buckets in my jl. We had a decent blizzard in Colorado last month and they didnt ice over one bit.
  15. JW Speaker 6145 foglights

    Today I installed my 6145 J series fogs on my plastic Rubicon bumper. As luck had it they were a direct bolt on, I just needed to splice the connections. No flicker, no warning messages, I dont have my tazer yet but all seems well. I took off the splash guard to get to the fasteners on the fog...
  16. Washed the I’m sad

    Heres how my beautiful sting grey was handed to me. It was snowing and I had to wait for it to be brought from another location, then cleaned up. I told him I didnt need it washed but they did it anyway, pretty sure they used the floor broom, or 120 grit. I dont want them coming near it to...
  17. Will JK fogs work in a JL Sport plastic bumper?

    I believe there are two different kinds of brackets. Some have 3 bolts and others have 4. I have the plastic bumper on my Rubi and it looks like my JW speaker fogs will bolt right in as I have the 4 bolt.
  18. Heated LED JL Headlight Kit?

    I have heated trucklites that I am currently trying to figure out. I got the morimoto adapters, lights come on but I lose low beams after 1 minute and have to restart the jeep with the switch on to get them back. Wait for the JW speaker evo J 3's, they look badass and come with smart heat.